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Sandal Lawn Aerator

Strap on our Lawn Aerator Sandals and take a walk around your yard! The rugged steel spikes open air passages to help get water, air, and nutrients down to the root zone. Loosen and aerate compacted turf and soil with these spiked sandal aerator shoes.

Let air, moisture and new seed reach down to grass roots to enrich and thicken your lawn. 26 steel spikes, each 1 1/2 inch long. Work as you walk. Here's an easy and inexpensive way to open up hard, compacted soils and help reduce thatch by using our lawn aerator sandals.

  • Deluxe Velcro® straps hold them on your feet!
  • Each step presses a dozen 1 1/2 inch metal spikes into hard-packed soil and densely-packed turf!
  • Thousands of holes created allow air, fertilizer and moisture to soak right in to your lawn
  • Sandal lawn aerators are made from rugged green plastic, 11 3/8 inch long
  • Strap easily onto any adult size foot

Using a lawn aerator helps to add oxygen to your soil. Lawns that have been compacted through heavy use or poor drainage will benefit greatly from regular use of a lawn aerator, as will soil that has heavy clay content.

Compaction of the soil causes several problems:

  • It reduces the oxygen needed by grass roots in order to grow.
  • It makes it difficult for roots to absorb water and nutrients from the soil
  • It creates a physical barrier that stunts the healthy growth of grass roots.

Benefits of using a lawn aerator include:

  • A welcomed increase in the microorganisms that help to decompose thatch build up.
  • Greatly increases the absorption of water, nutrients and oxygen by grass roots.
  • Improvement in the overall growth and development of the root system.
  • Prevention of run-off when applying lawn fertilizer or pesticides to your lawn.

The best time to aerate your lawn depends on the type of grass and your soil type. Cool season grasses like fescue should be aerated from late summer to early fall. Warm season grasses like Bermuda should be aerated during the late part of spring to early summer. If you are using a liquid lawn aerator, you can do this any time. In addition, if you have clay soil, you will need to use a lawn aerator twice a year. Typically this will be during the spring and during the fall. If your soil is sandy you will only need to aerate once a year, either during the spring time or in the fall. However, using a liquid lawn aerator like LazyMan can actually aggregate sandy soil to help it hold water better which makes it a very effective lawn aerator.

So what are you waiting for? Order your lawn aerator sandals from Outsidepride today!