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LazyMan Liquid Gold

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LazyMan Liquid Gold

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LazyMan Liquid Gold

LazyMan™ Liquid Gold lawn aerator, dethatcher and conditioner is a 3-in-1 easy apply spray-on liquid application to aerate, dethatch, and condition your turf and soil. This revolutionary polymer based liquid (polymaleic anhydride terpolymer and maleic anhydride sulfonated copolymer) also has humic acids, non-pathogenic thatch eating microbes, and rhizobial microbes.

The aeration portion of LazyMan Liquid Gold™ is a uniquely formulated high grade non-ionic lawn aerator. It helps reduce crusting, loosens up hard clay soils, aggregates sandy soil, and allows water and oxygen to better reach plant roots by reducing the surface tension between the water and the soil. LazyMan Liquid Gold™ is designed to decrease the surface tension between water and soil while improving the growth and activity of micro-organisms necessary for a healthy soil environment. Best of all, it is so easy to use even a Lazy Man can do it!

Using a lawn aerator is one of the keys to healthy grass growth. It permits essential water, air and nutrients to penetrate deep into the root zone (where they are needed). The deeper healthier root systems created generate thicker, greener grass. The enhanced functioning of the soils natural organic processes means that there is reduced need for fertilization.

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Do not confuse LazyMan Liquid Gold™ with other products that claim to aerate the soil. LazyMan Gold lawn aerator is NOT a wetting agent, it is NOT a surfactant, it is NOT a penetrant, and it is NOT a polyacrlyamide (PAM). Nor does LazyMan contain Ammonium Laureth Sulfate which is a fancy name for soap. Other products on the market are nothing more then soap and they put "ammonium laureth sulfate" on the label to look impressive because most people have no idea what that is. Also, If the product bottle is only a quart and claims to aerate nearly an entire acre you should be wary. This is not possible.

LazyMan Liquid Gold™ forms water stable aggregates in the soil. Aggregate stability refers to the ability of soil aggregates to resist degradation from raindrops, flowing water, windblown sand grains, vehicle traffic, and trampling can break apart soil aggregates, exposing organic matter to decomposition and loss. Water stable aggregates are critical to erosion resistance, water availability, and root growth. Soil with stable aggregates at the surface are more resistant to water erosion than other soils, both because soil particles are less likely to be detached and because the rate of water infiltration tends to be higher on well aggregated soils. Unstable aggregates disperse during rainstorms, then form a hard physical crust when the soil dries. Physical crusts restrict seedling emergence because they have few pores for root growth. Large, water stable aggregates can resist degradation and removal by wind better than small, weak ones. See our section on, "How It Works" below.

LazyMan Products Comparison Chart
  Aerator Dethatcher Gold Soil Doctor
Contains Liquid Aerator: Yes No Yes Yes
Contains Microbial Dethatcher: No Yes Yes Yes
Contains Soil Conditioners: Yes Yes Yes Yes
Contains 10-3-6 Fertilizer: No No No Yes
Contains Amino Acids: No No No Yes
Contains Kelp Extracts: No No No Yes
Contains Potassium Humate: Yes Yes Yes Yes
Enhances Seed Germination: Yes Yes Yes Yes

LazyMan Liquid Gold™ is a liquid polymer mixture that loosens and aerates compacted soils, even in high traffic areas or where plant growth is difficult to maintain, while at the same time adds beneficial micro-organisms to the soil. Even on sports fields where compaction is great, this lawn aerator will work.

The effects of one application are long-lasting because the polymers are stable, with a combined molecular weight of 20,000. Okay, so maybe you don't know (or care) what that means, but if you are not familiar with LazyMan Liquid GoldTM, you probably have seen nothing like it before because it is entirely unique--different from anything else on the market.

Ralph Snodsmith Garden Hotline As the popular host of The Garden Hotline for the past 35 years, Ralph has been heard on WRKL, WLIR, WRCR, WOR Radio Network, and ABC Talkradio Weekend. In his eight years of appearances on Good Morning America as gardening editor, Ralph Snodsmith educated millions of Americans about lawn and garden care. Over the years Ralph has reviewed many, many lawn and garden products. Recently he reviewed LazyMan Liquid Gold on his show Garden Hotline and referred to it as "The Miracle Product." To listen to Ralph Snodsmith’s Garden Hotline talk show: Click Here

How Does The Aerator Portion Work? LazyMan Liquid Gold's™ aerator portion is made up of a solution – similar to the electrolytes found in sports drinks, but much, much more complicated. These polymers (very complicated) are HUGE--over 20,000 combined molecular weight. Most of these substances are hydrophilic--they LOVE water. One of the polymers is strongly hydrophobic (runs away from water). Due to these polymers high molecular weight, they're very, very stable. So when you mix it with water and spray it on turf, the hydrophobic polymers run from the water, but the hydrophilic polymers in the chain attach themselves to the water (and they aren't coming off for a long, long, time) so they get dragged along with the hydrophobic polymers leading the way! This is what make the lawn aerator portion work.

Think of it this way. Did you ever play with two magnets when you were a kid? If you aimed the right end at the wrong end of the other one, it pushed it. That's what happens when LazyMan Liquid Gold™ gets down in the dirt. The negative and the positive push each other along, and they open up pathways in the soil. Both the hydrophobic quality and gravity work together, moving, stopping, moving, stopping, until the polymers finally breaks down...which usually doesn't happen for about a year (depends on variables, like weather...).

Also, if you have a high sodium content in your soil (usually from your water source,) sodium causes compaction, and it also reduces nutrient absorption by the turf. Sodium is positively charged, while clay is negatively charged, so the sodium smashes the clay together. The lawn aerator portion LazyMan Liquid Gold™ grabs onto the sodium and removes it to a lower level so that it's out of the way of the plant root zone. That's a benefit you will never get from mechanical aeration!

What to Expect: This depends on the starting point of your soil, but if you have decent topsoil that has just become compacted over time, the initial LazyMan lawn aerator application should reach a depth of about 6 inches. Each application after that should penetrate an extra inch or two at a time. If you have very hard and compacted soil to begin with, increase the application rate by about 50% and reapply 1 - 2 weeks later after the initial application is watered in.

The best thing about LazyMan™ Liquid Gold is you spray it on the whole lawn, the whole field, the whole golf course and then it just works, and keeps working, and keeps working. When you use a machine, you're pulling out plugs here and there, and that's that. End of story. Sure, the use of a mechanical lawn aerator is good for turf, but LazyMan™ Liquid Gold is better, much easier, and much more economical!

Thatch is a layer of grass stems, roots, clippings, and debris that settle on the ground and either slowly decompose and/or accumulate over time and can create a number of problems in turf. Thatch accumulates on the surface of your soil just below the grass line and is usually out of sight.

The causes are numerous: poorly aerated soil, excess nitrogen, or high and infrequent mowing. Thatch buildup is commonly found in lawns where grass has grown tall, mulch is frequently left, and lawns that have never been aerated. The thatch layer is an ideal environment for pathogens and pests such as fungi and insects. Additionally, thatch tends to repel water, leading to hydrophobic soil conditions, which in turn adds stress and leads to additional maintenance requirements. Example Thatch Picture

How Does The Turf Dethatching Portion Work?

LazyMan Liquid Gold™ contains an advanced formulation of naturally occurring microbes (bacillus licheniformis, bacillus coagulans, bacillus pumilus, paenibacillus durum, paenibacillus azotoformans, and paenibacillus polymyxa, just to name a few of about 40) that feed on dead plant tissue. Like any other population, they multiply when there is abundant food (thatch). By adding the concentrated microbes in LazyMan Liquid Gold™ you help nature keep up with the accumulation of dead plant material. Repeated application establishes a thriving community of thatch eating microbes that help keep you ahead of thatch related maintenance problems by degrading cellulose, lignin, ligno-cellulose, and xylose which is all part of dead plant material. The lawn aerator portion of LazyMan will also help to reduce thatch.

Are Microbial Dethatchers Effective?

Research has shown this microbial dethatcher to reduce thatch approximately 50% after three applications at 4 week intervals. Once thatch is broken down, this microbial dethatcher will also help prevent future thatch build up. If organic fertilizers are used instead of synthetic in conjunction with this lawn dethatcher, the need for mechanical dethatching is virtually eliminated. LazyMan Liquid Gold™ accelerates natural thatch decomposition and will reduce the frequency of mechanical treatments and can completely eliminate them. The combination of the lawn aerator and lawn dethatcher helps improve soil and turf conditions and may reduce the need for some associated pesticide applications. That dethatching portion of LazyMan Liquid Gold™ has the following characteristics:

  • Effective under a wide range of conditions
  • Treats and controls thatch layer in turf
  • Helps minimize thatch related turf maintenance problems
  • Accelerates the decomposition of thatch into nutrient rich humus
  • Allows better water and oxygen penetration
  • May reduce the need for some associated pesticide applications
  • It has organic components that are beneficial to the soil

How Does The Soil Conditioning Portion Work? LazyMan Liquid Gold™ not only is formulated to aerate and dethatch, but we have also added humic acids (Mother Nature's Organic Compost), kelp, and mycorrhizae for soil conditioning. These additional ingredients do the following:

  1. PHYSICAL BENEFITS - Physically modify and improve the soil.
    1. Increases water holding capacity.
    2. Increases aeration of soil.
    3. Improves soil workability.
    4. Helps resist drought.
    5. Improves seedbed.
    6. Makes soil more friable or crumbly
    7. Reduces soil erosion.
  2. CHEMICAL BENEFITS - Chemically improve the fixation properties of the soil.
    1. Retains water-soluble inorganic fertilizers in the root zones and releases them to plants when needed.
    2. Promotes the conversion of a number of elements into forms available to plants.
    3. Possesses extremely high ion-exchange capacities.
    4. Participates in the decomposition of rocks and minerals.
    5. Increases buffering properties of soil.
    6. Chelates metal ions under alkaline conditions.
  3. BIOLOGICAL BENEFITS - Biologically stimulate the plant.
    1. Stimulates plant growth by accelerating cell division, increasing the rate of development in root systems, and increasing the yield of dry matter.
    2. Increases germination of seed and viability.
    3. Increases vitamin content of plants.
    4. Increases the permeability of plant membranes; promoting the uptake of nutrients.
    5. Stimulates root growth, especially lengthwise.
    6. Increases root respiration and formation.
    7. Stimulates growth and proliferation of desirable soil microorganisms as well as algae and yeast.
    8. Aids in photosynthesis.
    9. Stimulates plant enzymes.
    10. Acts as an organic catalyst.
    11. Has no detrimental effects on quality of product.

The additional benefits of humic acids as well as rhizobial microbes and kelp give this liquid lawn aerator a distinct advantage. Humic acids and kelp give your soil and plants a definite advantage. Since they are plant biostimulants and soil enhancer, spraying or drenching your soil or plants increases both soil fertility and plant growth. Humic acids helps enhance soil ionic exchange capacity and microbial activity, improves drainage and reduces salt damage. This, in turn, has a very positive effect on plant growth and health by enhancing the microbial activities in the soil and providing it with organic matter.

Rhizobial microbes are symbiotic soil fungi, present in most soils, that attach themselves directly onto the roots of most plants. They help the host plants absorb more water and nutrients while the host plants provide food for the fungi. Because the surface area of the hyphae, the feeding structures of the r, may be several hundred times the surface area of the roots, the rhizobial microbes can feed on a larger soil mass than the roots and they do so more thoroughly. Rhizobial microbes have the potential to be a central nutritional source for the host plant. This additional of rhizobial microbes make LazyMan a highly effective lawn aerator and soil conditioner.

If the conditions are right, a viable rhizobial microbe colony can help the plant become more vigorous, more salt tolerant, less fertilizer dependent and more tolerant of chronic low moisture. The addition of rhizobial microbes spores to transplant roots, garden soils, potting soil, lawns, or seeded crops will ensure the presence of these valuable plant allies. The difference in plant health and performance can be dramatic, especially when dealing with less-than-perfect soils which this lawn aerator will help improve tremendously.

Directions For Use: Dilute 3 to 6 ounces (6 ounces recommended for first application) of LazyMan Liquid Gold™ with 5 gallons water for each 1,000 square feet or 1 to 2 gallons per acre of soil to be treated. Apply every 3 to 4 months, depending on traffic or activity level. May be applied with hose-end sprayer (set dial hose-end sprayers to 2 ounces per gallon), backpack sprayer, hand held sprayer, or through irrigation system. If sprayed, a thorough watering should follow application.

You can apply LazyMan liquid lawn aerator, dethatcher, and soil conditioner during any time of the year as long as the ground isn't frozen. We recommend applying it when day time temperatures are a minimum of 35 degrees. When there is no rainfall (summer), water ground 15 minutes after applying the product.

Usage and Safety: LazyMan Liquid Gold™ is safe to use and is very enviromentally friendly. It is safe to use around animals, pets, and people. However, when using any product, precautions should be taken to avoid direct skin or eye contact due to possible irritation. Click Here for SDS

Coverage Per Application:

  • LazyMan Liquid Gold™ 1 quart - Up to 10,000 Square Feet
  • LazyMan Liquid Gold™ 1 gallon - Up to 40,000 Square Feet
  • LazyMan Liquid Gold™ 2 1/2 Gallons - Up to 100,000 Square Feet