LazyMan™ Products Testimonials

“It keeps the soil very moist. It develops roots very quick. Everything is growing a lot better.” Lucretia Aloi, Pompano Beach, FL

“Exactly as labeled, "LazyMan." It seems to work as stated. Best feature: breaking up hard soils.” James Robinson, Fresno, CA

“I like that I can use it on soils that I have not ammended yet and that it helps the aeration of it.” Ellen Atchison, Pulaski, TN

“The ease of use and the results achieved were good.” Debbie Wilson, Magee, MS

“The conditioner seems to be improving the garden. Overall, I would recommend these products to anyone with a lot of clay soil. Our watering is penetrating more.” Kristie Hassinger, Littleton, CO

“The garden rototilled up nicer then it ever has before after using the soil conditioner.” Joan Shields, Amity, OR

“I recommend this product mainly because it works well and is safe around animals and people.” Lisa Hunter, Junction City, KY

“I recommend using these products because it works very quick and saved my flowers from dieing.” James Marino, Sharon, PA

“Much improvement on my lawn.” Joy Bittner, Moses Lake, WA

“The results achieve and the ease of use was excellent.” Jackie Holt, Shoals, IN

“I recommend LazyMan Combo Pack because of its ease of use and great results.” Christine Cartwright, Mount Vernon, IN

“It was a good product and I would recommend it for other garden club members.” Kelly Brown, Roanoke Rapids, NC

“Our tomatos looked like crap. My husband mixed the LazyMan product solutions into the soil and they turned green.” Linda Stechmesser, Two Rivers, WI

“I recommend this product because it helped loosen my soil. The soil where I applied the product worked up better then before and it was very poor soil before and now it is not.” Dennis Odom, Fort Branch, IN

“The products are very easy to use and you get fast results.” Minnie Rakher, Winthrop Harbor, IL

“The shovel went in the soil much easier after using LazyMan.” Brian Hake, Amity, OR

“I would recommend this product to fellow club members as the results achieved were good.” Janette Lafroscia, Willow Spring, NC

“I would recommend using the LazyMan Soil Combo Pack because after using it I could really see a difference in my grass. It was much, much thicker and greener.” B T Breithaupt, Philadelphia, PA

“I would recommend this product because my experience with it seems to stimulate growth and the bloom on the plant seems to last longer. Overall, I think it is a very good product.” Brenda Pinson, Sidney, KY

“Use of these products made a 100% improvement in our soil which is hard and water usually just runs off the top. Now the water is readily absorbed and it makes a tremendous difference in the growth and blossoms of our plants and grass.” Pearl Mullett, North Adams, MA

“I would recommend this product because of the overall quality and performance. It does an excellent job.” Dana Cremeans, Mentor, OH

“My yard was dried up, my plants were badly neglected. This product helped my yard and inspired me to start taking better care of it.” Margaret Pannell, Youngstown, OH

“It is easy to use and helped keep my soil moist for the seeds to germinate and grow in.” Leo Spear, Silver Springs, FL

“The results from this product were better then average and greened up some of my ill-looking flowers. The directions were clear and it was extremely easy to use.” Jennifer Gross, Kennewick, WA

“I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to boost the growth of a transplanted flower. The possiblity of root damage when moving flowers from one spot to another is great, but if you use these products it helps restore the roots and helps the growth! I saw results in just a months time!” Sonja Hoelzer, Gridley, IL

“Just for a test, I stopped watering a tray of Irish Moss I had. One side was treated with LazyMan and the other side was not treated. The side treated with LazyMan stayed green a week longer after I stopped watering it!” Bridgit Ralston, Salem, OR

“I had excellent results with the initial application of the LazyMan products.” Nancy Ulrich

“My over-seeded lawn seems to be responding well to the liquid aerator and the soil conditioner.” Scott Lake

“I have heavy clay soil and it seems to have loosened it up.” Rusty Feld, Green Bay, WI

“I received this product just in time to plant a small area of grass seed. The product worked great in keeping the seed moist for germination and in keeping it from washing away. There was a big difference between where I sprayed the product and where I didn't spray for germination and uniformity.” Vicky Sturgell, Williston, SC

“I tested the LazyMan Soil Combo Pack for three months on my St. Augustine lawn. During each testing I observed a thicker and greener lawn. The LazyMan Soil Conditioner & Biostimulant I used for spraying leafs of my non-blooming bushes with a hand-held sprayer. After 3 months my shrubs looked much healthier then before.” Elizbieta Tierney, Palm Coast, FL

“I got this product to try in a smaller size and wanted to let you know that I see improvement already - but I think it could use a second application. Hence, the gallon size this time. I live in Las Vegas and growing grass here is a major challenge. This product seems to really work - Thank You!” Mrs.Balodis, North Las Vegas, NV

“I just used the LazyMan Liquid Aerator. It's working great! Mrs. Ceus, HI

“LazyMan Aerator is a miracle for Virginia clay. I applied it twice before we had a significant deluge of rain and it worked.” Mrs. Clark, Manassas, VA

“I used your conditioner and liquid aerator and I am very pleased with the results.” Mr. Delaney, MD

“We purchased a gallon of the liquid aerator in the spring. We used it along with the conditioner earlier this year and got fabulous results.” Mrs. Hanson, IA