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Hosta Seeds - American

Hosta (New American Hybrids) - You will be very happy that you grew Hosta plants from flower seeds! This mix makes a wonderful addition to the shady flower bed with their mix of foliage colors, including bi-colors, and textures. They are perfect for shady borders, around trees, and beds, and the varieties in this mix represent some of the newest and best in Hosta breeding today.

Hosta Seeds - Sieboldiana

Hosta (Hosta Sieboldiana Elegans) - Grow this lovely addition to the shade garden from Hosta seeds! In addition to making great ground covers in shady areas and excellent foundation plantings along northern foundations that receive little sun, some Hosta plants are large enough and showy enough to use as specimen plants, and this is one!

Hosta Seeds - Ventricosa

Hosta Ventricosa (Plaintain Lily) - Hosta ventricosa is a perennial, low growing, shade-loving hosta plant. Like most hostas it grows relatively quickly and is easy to care for. Hosta Ventricosa, also known as plantain lily, grows great from hosta seeds.