Highland Colonial Bent grass Seed - Colonial Grass Seed

Highland Colonial Bent Grass

Highland is a great standby when it comes to Colonial Bent grass seed. Not only does it perform well in home lawns, but it is used widely on golf courses, for both fairways and roughs. In areas across the United States, this grass seed has produced a hardy turf that has survived under low maintenance conditions with reduced nitrogen and still has shown excellent turf quality and the ability to survive.

Highland Colonial Bentgrass seed produces a very fine-textured Bent grass lawn which grows with an upright vertical pattern. Highland has a medium, dark green color which it retains well into the fall. This bent grass has excellent dollar spot resistance and improved brown patch resistance.

A Colonial Bentgrass lawn used on golf course fairways is pleasing to superintendents and golfers alike as well as home owners. Its upright growth pattern provides an excellent turf at the 3/8 to 1/2 inch height of cut demanded by many golfers, with less thatch buildup than other Bent grass varieties. It can also be utilized in roughs, where the low maintenance qualities of Colonial Bent grass Highland can shine. Bent grass Highland has been known to survive adversity, and in many areas of the country is found in sites that have received no fertilization, irrigation, or management for many years. Well manicured home lawns can utilize Highland Bent grass at cutting heights of 1/2 to 2 inches without any problems. Highland Colonial is a lawn seed that many home owners consider when choosing their grass.

Colonial bent grasses have seen widespread growth with great success which suggests a wider area of adaptation rather than just the Pacific Northwest and New England states. Improved Colonial Bent grass cultivars such as Highland have also performed well in areas from the southeast to the midwest and the mid-Atlantic. Due to high turf quality, this cool season bent grass seed is also being utilized in some mixtures for over-seeding dormant warm season grasses.

  • New turf: Sow 2 - 3 pounds Bent grass seed per 1,000 square feet
  • Plant Highland Colonial Bent grass seed when soil temperature reaches 55 degrees in spring up until a minimum of 6 weeks before frost in fall