Rough Bluegrass Seed - Blue Grass For Shade

Rough Bluegrass

Sabre III Poa trivialis is all new and improved Poa trivialis seed. This grass seed is an excellent choice for over-seeding greens across the southern portions of the United States. The blend was was developed to provide golf course superintendents with a denser, darker turf surface. It continues to show improved overall turf quality in comparison to older varieties. It also offers rapid establishment, early spring green up, resistance to leaf spot, fine texture and superior winter hardiness. It has good seedling vigor and tolerance to low temperatures, this grass continues to be the industry standard for winter over-seeding of golf course greens.

Growing Blue grass from seed is a great way to establish a home lawn. Poa trivialis is not just for golf courses; this seed can be used for home lawns, parks, and sports fields. Rough Blue grass is very tolerant of shade making it an excellent shade grass, but it can also be used in sunny exposures as well.

  • Better Spring Transition
  • Fine Leaf Texture
  • Dark Green Color
  • Very Cold Tolerant
  • Stoloniferous Growth Habit
  • Improved Bermuda Green Recovery
  • Excellent Putting Surface
  • Good Match With Perennial Ryegrass
  • Maintains Good Winter Color
  • Good Recuperative Ability
  • New turf: Sow 2 - 3 pounds Rough Blue grass seed per 1,000 square feet or 80-120 lbs per acre
  • Plant Rough Bluegrass seed when soil temperature reaches 55 degrees in spring up until a minimum of 8 weeks before frost in fall