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Nolana Seeds - Blue

Chilean Bellflower Blue (Nolana Paradoxa Blue) - Start Nolana seeds for this wonderful, versatile annual. Blue Nolana is an annual that has become popular in recent years. The Nolana plant has trailing, succulent stems and large frilly trumpet flowers that are blue with a white center and yellow throat.

Nolana Seeds - White

Chilean Bellflower White (Nolana Paradoxa White) - White Nolana Paradoxa is an annual that is known for it's profusion of blooms all summer long. Nolana seeds can be started indoors and transplanted outside to create a wonderful edge along the flower border, or fill in a large area with Nolana ground cover plants. The Nolana plant has succulent stems and foliage and creeps allowing it to spread and fill an entire area nicely.