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Strawberry Seeds - Ananassa

Strawberry One Time (Fragaria Ananassa One Time) - Have you ever wanted a ground cover plant that produced berries? Well, look no farther than Fragaria ground cover grown from Strawberry seeds. Yes, Strawberry plants make a wonderful spreading ground cover and they have the additional benefit of producing delicious, edible fruit.

Strawberry Seeds - Indian

Indian Strawberry (Duchesnea Indica Tuttifrutti) - Start Strawberry seeds for this rare ground cover plant that will get lots of attention! It is an Indian Strawberry plant with lovely yellow blooms, and it produces small red Strawberries all summer long on a creeping evergreen carpet. Indian Strawberry is well-suited for hanging over a wall or as a ground cover plant.

Strawberry Seeds - Vesca Baron

Alpine Strawberry - Baron (Fragaria Vesca Baron Solemacher) - Grow Strawberry seeds for this old-fashioned favorite ground cover plant. Known as Wild Strawberry, Woodland Strawberry or Alpine Strawberry, this wild Fragaria Vesca is very hardy and a strong grower.

Strawberry Seeds - Vesca White

Wild Strawberry - White Soul (Fragaria Vesca White Soul) - If you want a vigorous perennial ground cover plant, grow Strawberry seeds! These hardy perennials provide fresh strawberries in small spaces. Fragaria white Strawberry produces ongoing blooms and delicious white berries.