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Swiss Chard Seeds - Green

Swiss Chard Green (Beta Vulgaris ssp. Cicla Green) - Start Swiss Chard seeds for this highly nutritious plant for the herb garden! Swiss Chard is considered to be a biennial, and it is full of nutritious value. It contains 13 different polyphenol antioxidants including the cardio-protective flavonoid, kaempferol. It also contains an additional flavonoid called syringic acid which has had quite a large amount of current research done due to its properties that help regulate blood sugar.

Swiss Chard Seeds - Red

Swiss Chard Red (Beta Vulgaris ssp. Cicla Red) - You will want to grow this highly nutritious plant in your herb garden! Start Swiss Chard seeds and enjoy this red variety that is full of nutritious value. This variety, Ruby Red, is quite striking with dark green leaves and bright red stems and veins. It is a hardy plant that is related to the beet.