SR7150 Colonial Bent Grass Seed

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SR7150 Colonial Bent Grass Seed

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SR 7150 Colonial Bentgrass

SR 7150 Colonial Bent grass (browntop) is a versatile low maintenance grass that can be used on golf courses and in home lawns and easily establishes from grass seed. This turf seed can also be used as part of an over-seeding blend for bermuda grass greens. Under low maintenance conditions with reduced nitrogen, Colonial Bent grasses have shown excellent turf quality and the ability to survive where other grasses have given up. This cool season grass seed produces a very wear tolerant turf, and it is an important component in creating a links-style turf. The darker green color of SR 7150 makes it better for combining with other species than older lighter green Bent grass varieties. Growing Bent grass lawns can be a rich and rewarding experience!

SR 7150 grass seed produces a fine-textured, dark green Colonial Bent grass lawn. This cultivar was selected for an upright growth so it does not false crown and scalp like many other Bent grasses. It retains its color into the fall, has excellent winter growth and greens-up early in the spring. SR7150 Colonial Bent grass has excellent dollar spot resistance and improved brown patch resistance. This grass seed can be used for golf course fairways from the Transition Zone north in addition to the Pacific and west. It is ideal for a low maintenance and reduced input fairways, especially when combined with improved fine fescues. Bent grass lawn seed can also be used for low maintenance roughs and home lawns. Colonial Bent grass is often found in sites with no irrigation, fertilization or management.

SR7150 Colonial Bent grass was developed from plants collected from an old turf site in Beltsville, MD that had once been planted with the Bent Grass Plant Introduction collection at least 25 years before. The best plants were allowed to inter-pollinate and the progeny screened in Columbia, Missouri for persistence, turf quality, color and brown patch resistance when maintained as spaced plants and mowed at fairway height. The resulting superior plants were cloned and allowed to inter-pollinate near Corvallis, Oregon and became the basis for SR 7150 Bent grass seed.

  • Superior, low maintenance fairway turf
  • Reduced fertility and fungicide requirements
  • Wear-tolerant
  • Dark green color all seasons
  • Excellent turf quality
  • Excellent Dollar Spot and Brown Patch resistance
  • Great for fairways, roughs, parks and home lawns
  • Upright growth for reduced thatch development
  • Lower maintenance requirements
  • Low water requirements
  • Reduced fungicides
  • New turf: Plant SR7150 Colonial Bent grass seed at a rate of 1.5–2.0 lbs/1,000 sq ft or 65–90 lbs/acre
  • Overseeding/Interseeding: Sow 2 lbs Bent grass seed per 1,000 sq ft or 90 lbs/acre
  • Southern Winter overseeding: Sow 2–4 lbs Bent grass seed per 1,000 sq ft on dormant bermuda greens
  • Seeds/lb: Approximately 5,000,00
  • Emergence: 10 days under ideal conditions
  • First mowing: approximately 3 weeks after seeding
  • Playable in 4–6 weeks

The Grass Seed Certification program establishes the genetic purity and germination of varieties, blends, and mixtures. The certification process begins with the proper field history before production and continues through the bagging of a grass seed lot with every step independently verified by Seed Certification personnel. Each bent grass seed lot to be certified is sampled by Certification personnel and tested in the state seed laboratory, so the grass seed you buy is the seed that was tested If even one standard in this process failed, the lot is uncertified. You can rest assured that your bent grass seed is certified!

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