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Juncus Ensifolius Seeds

Rush (Juncus ensifolius) - Ornamental grasses offer so much, yet they require so little! This little rush plant can be established by sowing Juncus ensifolius seeds. It goes by several common names including: Dwarf Rush, Daggerleaf Rush and Swordleaf Rush.

Juncus Pallidus Javelin Seeds

Rush (Juncus pallidus Javelin) - Here is one of the few ornamental grasses that tolerates any soil, from dry to standing water! Start Juncus pallidus seeds for this versatile perennial that provides year-round interest in the landscape with a spiky, symmetrical, colorful shape. Commonly called Giant Rush or Pale Rush, this plant grows in any level of moisture from very dry to standing water.

Juncus Patens Seeds

Rush (Juncus patens Carmen's Gray) - Known as Spreading Rush or Common Rush, these plants can easily be grown from Juncus patens seeds. The ornamental grass seeds produce clumps of round, steely blue-gray leaves. The rush plant is neat and nicely behaved, and Rush Carmen's Grey is a fabulous accent plant for the sunny wet garden.