Bahia Grass Seed

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Bahia Grass Seed

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Bahia Grass

Pensacola Bahia Grass Seed - Don't let cheap imitations fool you. Our Bahia grass seed is high quality seed that goes through rigorous testing and meets all quality control standards. We want you to have the best grass seed available that will germinate quickly, fill in quickly, have a lush green look, and be drought, wear, and disease resistant. Bahia grass seed is used for lower input lawns, roadside erosion control and pastures. It is planted from the deep south to Texas to North Carolina to Florida. Bahia grass seed produces a narrow blade with attractive green leaves. Bahiagrass is used extensively for pasture and erosion control throughout the southern states. Bahia Pensacola grass is a much more winter hardy variety than Argentine Bahiagrass. Pensacola Bahia grass has good drought resistance with a deep root system. It is a very good environmentally friendly grass which will save on your water bill. Bahia should be re-seeded over time because it naturally thins out.

Pensacola Bahia grass seed is grown and planted on more acres than any of the other varieties of Bahia. It has been established on several million acres of roads, lawns, pasture, forage and conservation lands in the southern United States.

For growing Bahia grass from seed, once dormancy is broken in the seeds they germinate in approximately 28 days. During hotter summer months such as July / August when rainfall is also plentiful, Bahia lawn seed can germinate in as quick as 10 - 14 days. Higher soil temps coupled with moist conditions will also cause more of the Bahia grass seed to germinate.

Pensacola Bahia grass has long, slim (narrow) leaves with an extensive root system that grows to depths of 7-10 feet. Pensacola also has more tolerance to cold than the other Bahia varieties, thus it can be grown further north toward and in the transition zone. Top growth is usually killed by "mild frost," but it recovers fast with warm weather. In colder areas the Pensacola variety produces more early and late season forage growth than the other Bahiagrass varieties.

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Pensacola Bahia grass was discovered in the coastal gulf of the Florida panhandle and has since grown into one the major pasture grasses. Bahia pasture grass seed is easy to establish, and it grows well in full sun, high heat, and it is drought resistant. It can grow in shadier conditions than most warm season grasses and is grown in conjunction with pine tree farming. Bahia Pensacola forms a dense, thick sod that can keep the weeds out and is very disease resistant with the mole cricket and army worms being the only pest problems. The fertility rates for Bahia Pensacola grass are lower than many other forage grasses, and it can withstand heavy herd trampling and recover from overgrazing rather quickly.

  • New turf: Plant 5 - 6 pounds of Bahia grass seed per 1,000 square feet or 200-240 pounds per acre
  • Plant Bahia grass seed when soil temperature reaches 65 degrees in spring up until a minimum of 6 weeks before frost in fall