Seeds / Grass Seed / Bent Grass Seed has a great selection of bent grass seeds which are some of the most beautiful grasses in the United States with their fine texture, thick density, and low growing habit. Bentgrass is considered the luxury grass of the cool season grasses and is used through America for both lawns and golf courses alike.


Crystal Bluelinks Bent Grass

Crystal BlueLinks Creeping Bentgrass had the highest turf quality, averaged across all locations, during the NTEP fairway/tee trials. This bent grass variety has a different blue-green color and has shown good resistance to brown patch and dollar spot. The most shade tolerant bent grass available!

Highland Colonial Bent Grass

Highland Colonial Bent grass seed produces a very fine-textured Bentgrass lawn which grows with an upright vertical pattern. Highland Colonial is a turf seed that many home owners consider when choosing their grass. A Colonial Bent grass lawn can be maintained at a mowing height of 1/2 to 2 inches.

Penncross Creeping Bent Grass

The ability for Penncross Bentgrass to perform under a wide range of conditions makes this putting green seed adaptable virtually worldwide. Penncross Bent grass seed is preferred for areas of extreme cold and heat, and Penncross Creeping Bent grass has survived humidity where bermuda grass used to be the standard.

Pure Select Creeping Bent Grass

Pure Select Creeping Bentgrass is the product of a rich heritage that includes Penncross and the groundbreaking Penn A's and G's. Pure Select has a dense, upright, and aggressive growth habit.

Seaside II Creeping Bent Grass

Seaside II Creeping Bent grass, with a medium-fine texture, provides a high-quality playing surface for greens, tees, and fairways, and Seaside II establishes quickly from putting grass seed. If you live in a coastal climate and want to grow putting green grass for a home putting green, Seaside II Creeping Bent grass seed is an excellent choice.