Blue Hair Seeds - Koeleria Glauca Ornamental Grass Seed

Blue Hair Grass Seeds

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Grass Specifications

Season: Perennial

USDA Zones: 3 - 8

Height: 12 inches

Width: 10 inches

Foliage Color: Blue-green

Flower Color: Greenish fading to tan

Growth Rate: Moderate

Fall Color: Same

Soil Requirement: Well-drained soils, pH 5.8 - 7.5

Environment: Full sun

Moisture Requirements: Dry to medium

Planting Directions

Temperature: 70F

Average Germ Time: 7 - 14 days

Light Required: Yes

Depth: Cover the seeds with a thin layer of vermiculite

Sowing Rate: 3 - 5 seeds per plant

Moisture: Keep soil moist until germination

Plant Spacing: 10 inches

Care & Maintenance: Blue Hair

Blue Hair Grass (Koeleria glauca) - Blue Hair grass seed produce both the foliage and flowers that are attractive and enhancing to the landscape, and it is one of the few low-growing ornamental grasses. This ornamental grass will only grow to 12 inch tall, producing dense tufts of blue-green leaves. Blue Hair grass is a well-behaved and non-spreading species that is suitable for sunny borders. It forms a low mound of very fine blue-green leaves with a hedgehog appearance. In the spring, flower panicles emerge that are glossy green, and they mature into tan seed heads by midsummer and last through late summer. The flowers preserve well and can be used in dried arrangements. The Blue Hair plant may remain evergreen in mild winter regions. Blue Hair Grass care includes a hard trimming in late winter down to 2 inches to remove dead foliage. In the fall, the flower spikes can be removed to neaten the appearnace of the ornamental grass plant. Can divide in spring or fall.

Blue Hair grass grows easily in average, dry to medium, well-drained soil in full sun. It performs the best in lean soils and will not do as well in rich, fertile soil. Koeleria glauca Blue Hair grass is drought tolerant, but it is not tolerant of heavy clay soils, wet soils and shade.