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Armeria Seeds - Alba

Armeria (Armeria Maritima Alba) - Start Ameria Maritima seeds to grow this versatile little flower that can be planted in containers, the rock garden or the front of the border. Armeria Maritima Alba features pure white flowers growing from a dark green, grassy type foliage. They are so neat and attractive!

Armeria Seeds - Joystick Mix

Armeria (Armeria Maritima Joystick Series) - Armeria Maritima is so versatile and it readily establishes from Armeria seeds. It is also call Ball Thrift, and it is long-blooming and has large clusters of white, ruby-red, bright pink or lilac flower clusters. Armeria Joystick is a sun-loving, compact garden flower that also makes an excellent cut flower.

Armeria Seeds - Maritima

Armeria (Armeria Maritima Splendens) - Grow this sun-loving charmer from Armeria seeds! Armeria Maritima has pink flower clusters that resemble little pom-poms. The foliage is grass-like and forms low clumps. It is commonly called Sea Pink, and it is perfect for edging the flower garden.