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Venidium Seeds - Orange

Orange Monarch of the Veldt (Venidium Fastuosum Orange) - Grow Venidium seeds for a brilliant display of color all summer and fall.  The Venidium flower is in the aster family, and it goes by the common names of Monarch of the Veldt and Cape Daisy. Orange Cape Daisy has silvery-green foliage and large, intensely colored blooms.

Venidium Seeds - White

White Monarch of the Veldt (Venidium Fastuosum White) - Each year, your landscape can be bathed in these lovely annuals from South Africa. Grow Venidium seeds for a mass display of long-lasting color and beauty. Commonly known as Monarch of the Veldt or Cape Daisy, these flowers are excellent for cutting, and beneficial insects and birds are very attracted to them.