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Blue Woodruff Seeds

Blue Woodruff (Asperula Orientalis Blue Surprise) - Blue Woodruff seeds are a planting favorite of many herb gardeners. Asperula Orientalis, also called Oriental Woodruff, blooms in late spring to early summer with fluffy, lavender-blue flowers. Its lance-shaped leaves are wonderfully scented, creating a lovely perfume that wafts through the garden.

Sweet Woodruff Seeds

Sweet Woodruff (Asperula Odorata or Galium Odoratum) - Also known as Our Lady's Lace, this low-growing perennial is versatile and grows well from Sweet Woodruff seeds. Often used as a ground cover, Sweet Woodruff herb plants have whorled leaves and small vanilla-scented white flowers in spring. It does make an excellent ground cover plant due to its low-growing nature and spreading habit.