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Cosmos Bipinnatus Seeds - Day Dream

Cosmos (Cosmos Bipinnatus Sensation Day Dream) - No summer garden should be without these lovely blooms nodding in the breeze! Easily established from Cosmos seeds, these annuals are large branching plants with deep green fern-like leaves.

Cosmos Bipinnatus Seeds - Dazzler

Cosmos (Cosmos Bipinnatus Sensation Dazzler) - Cosmos Dazzler is an amazing addition to any flower garden with its bold carmine blooms! It will establish easily from flower seed in early spring and continue blooming through summer and until the first heavy frost.

Cosmos Bipinnatus Seeds - Gloria

Cosmos (Cosmos Bipinnatus Sensation Gloria) - Cosmos is one of the easiest flower seeds to grow, and it is just as easy to maintain! These gorgeous annuals thrive with neglect, and they are perfect for the weekend gardener. Sensation Gloria has large, 4 inch blooms of rosy-pink with a crimson and yellow eye.

Cosmos Bipinnatus Seeds - Mix

Cosmos (Cosmos Bipinnatus Mix) - One of the most popular annuals to grow from flower seeds, Cosmos Bipinnatus, provide such an amazing display of color for the little amount of work they require. This seed mix has colors of pink, white, and maroon.

Cosmos Bipinnatus Seeds - Picotee

Cosmos (Cosmos Bipinnatus Sensation Picotee) - What incredible grace and beauty these flowers bring to the flower border or garden. They are so easy to grow from Cosmos seeds, and they are a great seed to start with if you are a novice at gardening.

Cosmos Bipinnatus Seeds - Pinkie

Cosmos (Cosmos Bipinnatus Sensation Pinkie) - Create a cloud of pink for the back of the flower border by growing this flower seed! Cosmos Pinkie has large 3 - 4 inch blooms of rosy pink. They create such a soft, cloud-like display and make a wonderful backdrop for lower growing flowers in front.

Cosmos Bipinnatus Seeds - Purity

Cosmos (Cosmos Bipinnatus Sensation Purity) - Start Cosmos seeds directly outdoors in the spring and enjoy! No flower adds more enchantment to the flower garden than these tall annuals with fine, lacy, fern-like foliage and large pure white blooms. They create a lovely back-drop for the entire garden.

Cosmos Sulphureus Seeds - Gold

Cosmos (Cosmos Sulphureus Gold) - What a dazzling display for your garden grown from flower seeds! Treat yourself to a mass planting of these golden-yellow colored Sulfur Cosmos and attract butterflies and other beneficial insects to your flower garden.

Cosmos Sulphureus Seeds - Orange

Cosmos (Cosmos Sulphureus Orange) - Drawing butterflies and compliments alike, these brilliant orange Sulphur Cosmos add a splash of color in any setting. Easy-to-grow flower seed will produce blooms in only 10 weeks!

Cosmos Sulphureus Seeds - Red

Cosmos (Cosmos Sulphureus Red) - Easily grown from flower seed, these annuals produce masses of daisy-like flowers and graceful feathery foliage which makes them a wonderful addition to the flower bed or garden. Not only is it a pleasure to look at these glorious red Cosmos flowers, but they are also very attractive to birds and butterflies as well.