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Prunella Seeds - Alba

Prunella (Prunella Grandiflora Alba) - Here is yet another brilliant color for the flower garden that can be grown from Prunella seeds! White Prunella ground cover plants are smothered in white blooms forming on compact spikes that rise above the thick green foliage.

Prunella Seeds - Blue

Prunella (Prunella Grandiflora Light Blue) - Prunella is one of the longest blooming ground covers in any flower garden, and if the Prunella ground cover seeds are sown in spring, it blooms the first summer! Prunella ground cover plants feature lacy green leaves and clusters of violet-blue whorled blooms.

Prunella Seeds - Mix

Prunella (Prunella Grandiflora Pagoda Mix) - Prunella seeds grow quickly and produce a very hardy flowering ground cover plant that will provide a long season of flowering. Very popular in Europe, Prunella is just beginning to come into its own in this country.

Prunella Seeds - Rubra

Prunella (Prunella Grandiflora Rubra) - Grow Prunella seed and enjoy this ground cover plant that is popular in Europe and is becoming increasingly popular here in the United States. It is also known as Self Heal, and it was believed during the Middle Ages to have healing properties.