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Lewisia Seeds - Elise Mix

Lewisia (Lewisia Elise Mix) - Lewisia Elise will grow 8 - 12 inches tall and spread 6 - 8 inches. Unique breakthrough in this beautiful species where the lewisia seed needs no vernilization. Blooms 4 - 5 months from the sowing of Lewisia seeds without any cold treatment.

Lewisia Seeds - Rainbow

Lewisia (Lewisia Rainbow Hybrids Mix) - Lewisia Rainbow Hybrids mix will grow approximately 10 inches tall from flower seeds. This award winning mix features many colors and forms, the widest color range in Lewisia to date.

Lewisia Seeds - Sunset Strain

Lewisia (Lewisia Cotyledon Sunset Strain) - One of the prettiest flowers you will find, this perennial flowering plant is also extremely hardy, long blooming and low maintenance. Lewisia will typically begin blooming in May and continue to put on a display of flower clusters clear in to early Fall.