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Bellflower Seeds - Blue

Bellflower (Campanula Carpatica Blue) - Grown from Bellflower seeds, this perennial has a mat-forming characteristic that makes it an ideal ground cover for edging the flower border. The deep green foliage makes a lovely backdrop for these gorgeous sky blue flowers.

Bellflower Seeds - Cluster

Cluster Bellflower (Campanula Glomerata Acaulis) - This smaller variety of Campanula is great for the front of the flower garden and is easily grown from Bellflower seeds. Clustered Bellflower Acaulis has compact foliage and forms a low mound of large green leaves with taller stems.

Bellflower Seeds - Peach-leaved Blue

Peach-leaved Bellflower (Campanula Persicifolia Blue) - Perfect for the cutting garden, start these Bellflower seeds and grow a wonderfully performing perennial. Grow both the white and blue varieties together for a charming display.

Bellflower Seeds - Peach-leaved White

Peach-leaved Bellflower (Campanula Persicifolia White) - Growing these Campanula seeds is a wonderful way to add this white Bellflower to your perennial garden. This Peach-leaved Bellflower, Campanula Persicifolia, is an amazing cup-shaped flower that forms on long stems reaching nearly 40 inches tall.

Bellflower Seeds - Superba

Bellflower (Campanula Glomerata Superba) - Bellflower seeds are so rewarding to grow and they establish into a hardy, reliable perennial that makes a great addition to the flower bed. Adored by hummingbirds and butterflies, Bellflower Superba blooms significantly in early summer on compact plants.

Bellflower Seeds - White

Bellflower (Campanula Carpatica White) - Easy-to-grow from flower seed, Campanula carpatica or White Bellflower is easy to establish and always dependable. These lovely white-flowered little plants are gardeners' favorites. Very attractive to hummingbirds!

Canterbury Bells Seeds - Blue

Canterbury Bells (Campanula Medium Blue) - Start these old-fashioned favorites from Canterbury Bells seed and enjoy the familiar bell-shaped flowers, held upright in long, loose clusters. Campanula Canterbury Bells are wonderful for garden color in late spring and early summer. They also make great cut flowers, so bring the beauty of your garden inside!

Canterbury Bells Seeds - Rose-Pink

Canterbury Bells (Campanula Medium Rose-pink) - Campanula seeds are so rewarding to grow, and the addition of Campanula Canterbury Bells to your spring and summer garden will be most welcome! This popular and beautiful biennial was introduced to this country from southern Spain in 1596.

Canterbury Bells Seeds - White

Canterbury Bells (Campanula Medium White) - Canterbury Bells seed was some of the first imported flower seeds grown in colonial American gardens. In fact, they date back to medieval times and are native to southern Europe. Campanula Canterbury Bells have always been valued for their showy three-foot stalks of bell-shaped flowers that last from late spring and into the summer.