Field peas for cover crops and food plots

Spring Field Peas


Latin Name: Pisum sativum

Season: Annual

Height: 36 - 48 inches

Environment: Full sun

USDA Zones: 3 - 10

Plant Dundale spring peas as soon as the fields are able to work and expect field peas to grow rapidly in the spring. Seedlings are able to tolerate frost in the low 20s and will produce a new shoot if frost damage does occur. The plants will flowers in approximately 45 days and are ready for harvest in about 60 days.

Field peas can be mixed with oats, barley or triticale and are an excellent source of protein forage. Research has shown that field pea is an excellent protein supplement in pigs, cattle and poultry rations. They are also excellent in wildlife mixes and bird seed mixes.

Spring field peas are also a good source of green manure for the soil. The thick foliage breaks down easily and enhances the quality of the soil. Field peas also fixate nitrogen and can greatly cut down the need to add fertilizers to the soil. Plant pea seed at a depth of 1 inch.

  • High forage yields 
  • Mixes well with cereal grains
  • Great leaf to stem ratio
  • Excellent seedling vigor
  • Large amounts of quality biomass

Seeding Rate: 75 to 100 lbs per acre. 5 lbs per 1,000 square feet.