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Viola Seeds - Admiration

Viola Cornuta Large Flowered (Admiration) - Nothing is sweeter in the spring garden than Violas! They readily establish from Viola seeds, and they add such a charming presence to the garden. These deep purple Violas will attract bees, butterflies and birds.

Viola Seeds - Arkwright Ruby

Viola (Viola Cornuta Arkwright Ruby) - Violas were grown in the United States dating all the way back to colonial times. They are a wonderful performer, and they so easily establish from Viola seeds. You can find Viola flowers in many temperate regions around the world in a wide variety of habitats.

Viola Seeds - Bambini

Viola Cornuta (Viola Cornuta Large-flowered Bambini Mix) - The Viola Bambini Mix offers a wide variety of colors, some with bi-colored faces, and some with charming whiskers. There's nothing more lovely growing with early spring bulbs than Violas.

Viola Seeds - Chantreyland

Viola (Viola Cornuta Chantreyland) - This orange Viola will add a vibrant splash of color to your flower garden! Start it from Viola seeds, and grow it in containers, window boxes or in the front of the flower border. Often called Horned Violet or Tufted Pansy, this large flowered Viola looks similar to pansies, but it is more hardy and can bloom continuously in the right setting.

Viola Seeds - Freckles

Viola (Viola Sororia Freckles) - One of the prettiest and most unique violas you can possibly grow, this variety has snow white blooms that are speckled with deep purple and are held high on emerald green leaves. Ideal for borders and containers, Viola Freckles is easy to grow from raw viola flower seeds and is hardy in zones 4 - 8.

Viola Seeds - Johnny Jump Up

Johnny Jump-up (Viola Tricolor) - These are such delightful little flowers that bring charm and grace to any summer landscape. They grow very easily from Viola seeds, and once established will even self-sow. They are not invasive just delightful!

Viola Seeds - King Henry

Viola Cornuta (Viola Cornuta King Henry) - Viola King Henry is indeed royal with it's rich, dark purle shades, golden eye and whisker markings. These purple Violas look stunning with spring daffodils or as under plantings for roses and shrubs.

Viola Seeds - White Perfection

Viola Cornuta (Viola Cornuta White Perfection) - Easy to grow from Viola seeds, this one is a dazzling pure white color with a light, delicate scent. White Violas are often used in flower beds, borders and as ground cover, and they work nicely in hanging baskets and other attractive containers.

Viola Seeds - Yellow Perfection

Viola Cornuta (Viola Cornuta Yellow Perfection) - Perfect for old-fashioned gardens or cottage gardens, Violas are simple to grow from flower seeds, and they have so many uses. Viola Yellow Perfection has glowing lemon-yellow color from early spring into summer, and it typically grows 6 - 8 inches in height.