Sweet Spot Deer Food Plot Seed - SucraSeed

Sweet Spot Deer Food Plot Seed - Northern Mix


Season: Mostly perennial

Height: 36 inches

Environment: Full sun to partial shade

USDA Zones: 4 - 7

Sweet Spot - Northern Blend - Whether you are an avid hunter or just like to attract the deer to your property to enjoy their beauty, people across the US are turning to Sweet Spot to create high-nutrition food plots that deer simply cannot resist. Sweet Spot deer foot plot seed mix feature High Sugar Grasses. These unique perennial ryegrasses can produce bigger racks and as much as 20% more body mass. Sweet Spot is a perennial wildlife mix that establishes quickly, winters well in USDA Zones 4 - 7 and creates fool-proof food plots year after year.

Sweet Spot deer food plot mixes are more effective on a deer's complex digestive system, which can not process proteins without carbohydrates (sugars). Other food plot mixes are packed with proteins, but don't deliver the sugars deer need to process that protein and grow. Sweet Spot is a unique blend in both protein and carbohydrate content so deer get optimum nutrition.

Contains these approximate percentages (includes inert coating material):

  • 27% Abermagic Perennial Ryegrass
  • 27% Abergreen Perennial Ryegrass
  • 10% Medium Red Clover
  • 6% Frosty Berseem Clover
  • 5% Fixation Balansa Clover
  • 5% Six Point Chicory
  • 4% Aberlasting White Clover
  • 4% Purple Top Turnips

Food Plot Improvement:

  • Sweet Spot food plots will regenerate each year even after difficult weather conditions.
  • High Sugar Grasses are extremely drought and cold tolerant.
  • The naturally quick growth rate of HSG's crowd out weeds and increase the appeal to wildlife.
  • The increased sugar levels occur naturally, and do not require extra fertilizer.
  • SucraSEED mixes rapid re-growth is extraordinary, delivering tremendous yields.

Food Plot Elk

Financial Rewards:

  • Sweet Spot regenerates year after year, saving time and money over annual feed plot mixes.

Health and Nutrition:

  • High Sugar Grasses improve digestibility and protein conversion.
  • Deer prefer HSG plots, which in turn leads to increased dry matter intake.
  • Sweet Spot boosts energy levels in deer and wildlife.


  • Sweet Spot creates highly-sustainable food plots, reducing the need to disturb the soil by replanting year after year.
  • Ruminant animals feed on HSGs are shown to emit up to 24% less nitrogen in urine and feces.

Planting Information:

  • Planting rate: 10 lbs. / half acre
  • Planting depth: 1/4 inch
  • Product packaged in 10 lb bags
  • Soil PH: 5.5-8.5
  • USDA Zones 4 - 7: In climate zones lower than 4, SucraSeed may not overwinter. Persistence can be greatly increased if plants are insulated by a snow cover. In climate zones higher than 7, portions of the mix may perform as an annual.

Mowing Information:

You typically do not want to cut a food plot below a 4 - 6 inch height or you risk setting the plants back too much as it will take much longer to recover. This is typical, but it can be regional, climate driven and also personal preference. For quickest regrowth in a food plot setting, don’t cut more than 50% of the height for fastest regrowth.

SucraSeed Food Plot Sweet Spot


  • I walked thru some Northern Sweet Spot planted a year ago in the spring...wow! The clovers were knee high and it was full of deer beds! It needs to be clipped of course but we have had 12" of rain here since the first of May so it will have to wait a bit. The clovers in this mix are beautiful and the Birdsfoot Trefoil was blooming already.
    Paul Knox, IowaWhitetail.com Moderator, QDMA Contributor, Independent Food Plot Evaluator, Birmingham, IA
  • This is the first year that I tried sweet spot for my food plots and its been unreal, actual case this weekend my son killed a 140" deer chasing a doe in the rut but crossed a plot and stopped to grab a snack! Now I'm interested in sowing in my pasture as well.
    David Jordan (son Evan), Middle Tennessee
  • My family and I hunt in the big woods of northern Michigan, we have always had trouble finding a seed mix that would grow in sandy soil and tolerate the shade in a wooded environment. This spring we planted Sweet Spot in several of our hunting plots and boy, did it grow! The picture is a 1/4 mile long food plot we planted on an old road that winds through our property. This picture was taken 4 weeks after planting and it looks even better now. The trail cam we set up over this plot showed deer and bear using the plot on a regular basis, the plot is so lush now you can see the path the deer take while feeding. I can't wait until November! Michigan
  • This is the second year that I have planted Sweet Spot food plots. Last year I planted 1.5 acres in the fall and I now have a nice stand of clover, turnips and rye this spring. I planted additional plots this spring for a total of 2.5 acres. The plot in the pictures was planted on March 23 and the turkeys and deer are already using them. I am looking forward to bow season already!!
    Alan S Williamson, Bedford County, Virginia
  • Its been a hard winter out here in northwest Pennsylvania with quite a bit of snow, more than 30" still on the ground and very cold temperatures. The deer are really digging into the snow for the Sweet Spot I planted last August. I’ve been planting food plots for deer and wildlife for more than 20 years but never have I seen deer dig through so much snow so aggressively to get at the crop below. This plot is even within about 150 yards of a plot of Whitetail Institute’s Winter Forage Oats and the deer haven’t even started to dig in that plot. This was my first experience with your product but needless to say it won’t be my last.
    Bob Schmid, Pittsburgh, PA