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Amaranthus Seeds - Early Splendor

Amaranthus Tricolor (Early Splendor) - Easy to grow from Amaranthus seeds, Early Splendor has gorgeous chocolate colored leaves that are topped with brilliant crimson. This spectacular foliage plant excels in heat and humidity, and provides color very early in the summer.

Amaranthus Seeds - Green

Love Lies Bleeding (Amaranthus Caudatus Green) - Another great choice in Amaranthus seeds! Most people are familiar with red Amaranthus Love-Lies-Bleeding flowers, but this unusual green-flowered variety is also an heirloom that is catching on fast!

Amaranthus Seeds - Green Thumb

Amaranthus (Amaranthus Hypochondriacus Green Thumb) - This is a smaller Amaranthus plant growing 18 - 24 inches tall. It establishes nicely from flower seed. This Green Thumb Amaranthus is suitable for flower beds and does well in borders. The apple-green color goes well with most other colors and is therefore a useful plant for filling in gaps in borders.

Amaranthus Seeds - Hot Biscuits

Amaranthus Cruentus (Hot Biscuits) - Wow, what an incredibly unique and attractive annual that can be established so easily from Amaranthus seeds! Hot Biscuits Amaranth plants are topped with clusters of ginger orange or cinnamon colored flowers.

Amaranthus Seeds - Illumination

Amaranthus Bicolor (Illumination) - Looking for something to illuminate your flower garden that is easily grown from flower seeds? Look no further than Amaranthus Illumination which provides fiery color for months during the summer!

Amaranthus Seeds - Molten Fire

Amaranthus Bicolor (Molten Fire) - Look no further than Molten Fire if you are looking for an outstanding foliage plant. This Amaranthus Bicolor is one of the most colorful foliage plants, and this variety is readily grown from flower seeds.

Amaranthus Seeds - Perfecta

Amaranthus Tricolor (Perfecta) - If you buy this Amaranthus flower seed, you can grow the perfect plant for the back of the border display or grow it among ornamental grasses. The striking yellow and red bright foliage and tall, upright habit of this brilliant Summer Poinsettia make it a garden standout even in the back of the border!

Amaranthus Seeds - Pygmy Torch

Amaranthus (Amaranthus Hypochondriacus Pygmy Torch) - Amaranthus seeds are wonderful for easily growing some real eye-catching attention for the summer border! Grow Amaranthus plants in clumps in your flower beds or use them to add a bold color contrast to your container plants.

Amaranthus Seeds - Red

Amaranthus (Amaranthus Caudatus Red) - Commonly known as Love Lies Bleeding, these unique flowers are extremely hardy, and they can grow just about anywhere from flower seed. This Amaranthus, grown from Amaranthus seeds, has elongated red flowers that hang to the ground.

Amaranthus Seeds - Red Spike

Amaranthus Cruentus (Red Spike) - This Amarathus plant features dark red flowers on dark red upright foliage. It truly is one of the most unique Amaranthus Cruentus plants you can grow from flower seeds!

Amaranthus Seeds - Yellow

Amaranthus Tricolor (Yellow) - Easily grown from Amaranthus seeds, this rapidly-growing annual is popular for its brilliantly yellow colored flower. Amaranthus Tricolor, also known as Joseph's Coat and Chinese Spinach, will reach 18 - 24 inches in height. The beautiful leaves are 3 - 6 inches long and 2 - 4 inches wide.

Planting Amaranthus Seed
Sow amaranthus seeds when frost season is completely over and night time temps are close to 50F or warmer. Or, sow the amaranthus seeds indoors about 6 weeks before frost season is over with temperatures between 65 - 75F. Press the amaranthus flower seeds in to soil, but do not cover. Keep flower seeds moist until germination which should be between 10 - 21 days.