Drought Tolerant Bulk Yellow Sweet Clover Seeds - Great Pollinator

Sweet Clover - Yellow

Clover Specifications

Latin Name: Melilotus Officinalis

Season: Biennial

USDA Zones: 4 - 10

Environment: Full sun

Height: 48 inches

Bloom Color: Yellow

flower seeds
flower seeds
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Soil Improvement
Our Yellow Sweet Clover seed is ideal for enhancing soil quality. Its deep roots prevent erosion and improve soil structure, while its nitrogen-fixing properties enrich the soil with essential nutrients. This drought-tolerant biennial clover flower seed thrives in various soil types, making it perfect for viable land management and healthier crop yields.
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Wildlife Habitat
Our biennial sweet clover seed provides an excellent habitat for wildlife. It offers cover and forage for various animals, including deer and other browsing species. The plant's abundant flowers attract pollinators like bees, enhancing biodiversity in your area. With its robust growth and ability to thrive in different environments, clovers are valuable addition to any wildlife habitat management plan.
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Erosion Control
Outsidepride's Yellow Sweet Clover is highly effective for erosion control. Its deep and extensive root system stabilizes the soil, preventing erosion on slopes and other vulnerable areas. By improving soil structure and reducing runoff, it contributes to healthier and more durable land management. Ideal for various soil types, it offers a natural solution for maintaining soil integrity and promoting environmental stability.
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Our Yellow Blossom Sweet Clover is exceptionally drought-resistant, making it a reliable choice for arid regions and water-conservation efforts. Its deep roots access moisture far below the soil surface, ensuring vigorous growth even in dry conditions. This resilience not only maintains ground cover but also supports soil health and reduces the need for irrigation. Perfect for green landscaping and agricultural practices, Yellow Sweet Clover offers a hardy and low-maintenance solution.
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Our Yellow Sweet Clover matures around 48 inches tall and offers significant advantages for soil and ecosystem health. With a biennial growth cycle and tall stature, it provides excellent cover cropping and erosion control. As a nitrogen fixer, it enriches the soil, and its self-seeding ability reduces the need for replanting. These features make it an ideal choice for improving soil quality and supporting biodiversity.
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Our Yellow Blossom Sweet Clover is a reliable choice for beekeepers and honey enthusiasts. Its vibrant golden blossoms attract bees, leading to the production of rich, golden honey. This plant of this yellow clover seed not only supports pollinator health but also contributes to high-quality honey production. Its deep roots and nitrogen-fixing abilities further enhance soil quality, making it a beneficial addition to any agricultural or gardening setup.
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Outsidepride's Yellow Sweet Clover seeds thrive across various regions in the U.S. It requires a seeding rate of 12 to 15 pounds per acre and should be planted deeper than 1/4 inch. In the Southern U.S., it is best to plant in autumn, while in the Northern U.S., late spring to early summer is ideal. Coated with Nitro-Coat for better establishment, this yellow clover ensures robust growth and optimal nitrogen fixation.

Yellow Sweet Clover (Melilotus Officinalis) - Sweet clover will not tolerate acid soils. It is drought resistant, winter-hardy and productive throughout all 50 states. Sweet clover is native to Europe and Asia, but is found now all across the U.S. Sweet clover seeds were used 100 years ago as a forage crop and soil builder. Today it is also used as a wildlife cover crop and in production of honey.

Inoculated Seed - Our Yellow Sweet clover seed has been coated with an inoculant for better establishment. Nitrogen fixation is a one of the key values found in legumes and can only occur with the proper inoculation. Although many strains or Rhizobium may be present in the soil, all are not equally beneficial. With Nitro-Coat® each seed is inoculated with the correct Rhizobium strains and coated through a proven process that ensures a very high level of successful inoculation. A key to any successful establishment and early seed development is moisture. Nitro-Coat® is naturally water absorbent and helps attract soil moisture to the seed, getting your stand established quickly. This coating process which Outsidepride utilizes, assures that only the top-performing and crop-specific rhizobia will be applied to ensure your clovers reach maximum nodulation, stand establishment, and yield potential. With Nitro-Coat® each seed is inoculated with the correct Rhizobium strains and coated through a proven process that ensures a very high level of successful inoculation. The weight of the clover seeds will contain approximately 34% coating material that contains the inoculant and water holding material for better establishment and viability of the seed. There is no difference in the seeding rates between the coated and raw seed due to the increased germination and viability of the bulk clover seeds that are coated and inoculated. This coating material is not OMRI certified.