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Angelonia Seeds - Blue

Angelonia (Angelonia Angustifolia Serena Blue) - One of the few Angelonia plants that can be grown from flower seeds. Angelonia Serena can be grown and produced easily and economically. Angelonia Serena's well-branched plants fill gardens, landscapes and mixed containers with unique dimensional color.

Angelonia Seeds - Lavender

Angelonia (Angelonia Angustifolia Serena Lavender) -The common name of Angelonia is "summer snapdragon," due to its similar appearance. However, unlike snapdragons, which grow best in cooler weather, Angelonias prefer the hot weather of summer and bloom profusely during July and August.

Angelonia Seeds - Mix

Angelonia (Angelonia Angustifolia Serena Mix) - Start Angelonia Serena seeds to enjoy this low maintenance plant in containers or mixed beds and borders. The flowers are not only lovely to have in the garden, but they are also attractive to bees, butterflies, and birds.

Angelonia Seeds - Mix

Angelonia (Angelonia Angustifolia Serenita Mix) - For easy germination, these angelonia seeds are supplied as pelleted seed. More compact and manageable than Serena in hot climates. Agenlonia Serena will grow up to 18 inches in Florida type climates whereas Serenita will only grow 12 - 14 inches.

Angelonia Seeds - Raspberry

Angelonia (Angelonia Angustifolia Serenita Raspberry) - Produces a wonderful raspberry splash of color from the bountiful, Snapdragon-like deep rose flowers. This beautiful Angelonia is tough, requiring minimal care and will grow as a perennial in frost free climates.

Angelonia Seeds - Waterfall Mix

Angelonia (Angelonia Angustifolia Serena Waterfall Mix) - Angelonia could be called the standard for a care-free, continuous flowering plant for hot climates. It is well-suited to landscapes, gardens and mixed containers, and performs well under a wide range of conditions.

Angelonia Seeds - White

Angelonia (Angelonia Angustifolia Serena White) -If you have always wanted an Angelonia plant from seed, well now your dream has come true. Angelonia Serena is the the first variety ever available from seed for the home gardener! Now you can grow this long-blooming, sun-loving, heat and humidity tolerant perennial in frost free zones economically!

Planting Angelonia Seed
Sow Angelonia Serena seeds directly outdoors in prepared beds after last frost. Press seeds into soil, but do not cover. Keep the flower seed moist. Serena Angelonia is a joy to grow from flower seed, and it is a sun lover that stands up to heat, humidity, drought, and other rough conditions.