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Rose Mallow Seeds - Loveliness

Rose Mallow (Lavatera Trimestris Loveliness) - Start Rose Mallow seeds for this vision of loveliness! This Lavatera Trimestris Rose Mallow is readily started by flower seeds, and it has extra large 4 - 5 inch bright rose colored flowers with lighter veining.

Rose Mallow Seeds - Mix

Rose Mallow (Lavatera Trimestris Mix) - This heavy bloomer is a must have for the flower garden! Lavatera Trimestris Rose Mallow, easily grown from flower seeds, has extra large 4 - 5 inch flowers in a mix of colors: white, pink and rose.

Rose Mallow Seeds - Mont Blanc

Rose Mallow (Lavatera Trimestris Mont Blanc) - Start Rose Mallow seeds for the most dazzling display of blooms! The large, graceful blooms of the Rose Mallow, also called Annual Mallow, are one of the highlights of the garden during their long bloom season.

Rose Mallow Seeds - Tanagra

Rose Mallow (Lavatera Trimestris Tanagra) - This tropical looking flower is a joy to grow from Rose Mallow seeds! This shrub-like annual grows quickly and blooms heavily with large, deep rose colored blooms. Rose Mallow is related to Hibiscus and Hollyhocks, and it is a prolific bloomer - like a Hollyhock on steroids!