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Seeds, Seed Mixtures Descriptions:

Clover Seed - We carry the full spectrum of clover seeds including: alsike, crimson, ladino, New Zealand, red, strawberry, subterranean, white dutch, and yellow sweet clover seeds.  Clovers have a multitude of uses from erosion control, to forage, to cover crops, to lawn alternatives.  Whatever your needs are, you will find a high quality clover seed from us with very high germination and very low weed seed if not 0.00%.

Cover Crop Seed - We offer several different seeds to meet  your cover crop needs including: Austrian winter peas, buckwheat, gardenway, annual ryegrass, and hairy vetch.  Cover crops can add nitrogen to the soil and also add organic matter if tilled in.  They keep soil loose so that new plantings have an easier time to root.

Deer Food Plot Seed - No seed line is complete without a variety of food plot seeds.  Whether you are an avid hunter or just want to attract the deer or other wildlife in closer for a view from the porch, we have the seeds for you.  We offer annual and perennial blends for various applications and climates.  Mixtures like our Deer Greens is actually most palatable for deer after frost season begins so we have all seasons of the year covered with our deer food plot seeds.

Deer Resistant - Some people like to attract the deer and others want to keep the deer away.  There is no doubt that deer can create turmoil in the garden of flower bed.  Fortunately, at least for the flower bed there are many plants that deer to not find palatable and will not eat.  Our deer resistant line are flowers and groundcovers that deer generally will leave alone and they are all available in seed.

Flower Seeds - We have nearly 80 different garden flower seeds for you to choose from ranging in heights from 6" to several feet tall in all color shades.  We have both annual and perennial flower seeds.  Annuals will generally bloom within 3 months after planting, but they only last one year and die off.  Perennials may not bloom until the second season, but they come back year after year.

Grass Seeds - We have an excellent selection of grass seed including: bahia grass, bent grass, bermuda grass, blue grass, buffalo grass, carpet grass, centipede grass, fescue grass, putting green grass, rye grass, shade grass, zoysia grass, and then blends and mixtures of various varieties.  Our grass seed is top notch quality as we pride ourselves in having the very best seeds available.

Groundcover Seeds - This line of seed is one of our most popular.  Groundcovers can form a beautiful, low growing, evergreen mat of flowers; however, to accomplish this with live plants can be very expensive.  You may have 1,000 square feet you want to cover with groundcover, but that make take 1,000 plugs!  The easier choice is to broadcast groundcover seed and let the area fill in quickly if properly planted.

Herb Seed - Herb gardening is becoming a very popular trend.  Herb seed is easy to plant in almost any home garden or container gardening.  Many people grow herbs just for the beautiful flowers, others for culinary purposes, others for the pleasing smell of many herbs.  You can find the herb seed you are looking for as we have everything from Arugula to Thyme seed.

Native Grass Seed - Native grasses are grasses that are either indigenous to your home area or otherwise specified as from the Great Plains area.  Grasses such as big bluestem, little bluestem, Indian grass, and switch grass are very popular native grasses that are easy to grow from seed.  We also have regional native grass mixtures for various areas of the U.S. that will grow best in that regional climatic condition.

Ornamental Grass Seed - Ornamental grasses can range in height from about 8" to 12'.  Grasses such as blue fescue are very lowing growing, small, and compact; whereas, grasses such as pampas grass can reach 12 feet tall and spread out an easy 6 feet at the base.  We have many ornamental grasses for you to choose from all of which are easily planted by seed.  Some ornamental grass seeds will actually germinate in 4 days.

Pasture Seed - Whether you have horses, cows, goats, alpacas, or a combination of all you can find the right pasture grass seed for your area.  We have both cool season as well as warm season grasses for different geographical regions of the country.  We also have legumes which can be planted separately or incorporated in to any pasture grass mixture.

Wildflower Seeds - We offer nearly 100 different types of wildflower seeds including: individual species, regional mixtures, and speciality mixtures.  All wildflower seeds are sold by weight and not by seed count so you get much more seed to work with.  There are no fillers or fluff in our wildflower seeds, just pure seed.  Very high quality species for all areas of the country.