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Hollyhock Seeds - Indian Spring

Hollyhock (Alcea Rosea Indian Spring Mix) - Hollyhocks have been grown in the garden for hundreds of years from flower seed. Their tall spikes of lovely crepe-textured flowers make a fine display in summer. This Hollyhock mix has big, impressive 4-inch double or semi-double blooms in 4 shades.

Hollyhock Seeds - Mauritiana

Hollyhock (Malva Sylvestris Mauritiana) - From the Mallow family, this French Hollyhock will bloom the first year from flower seed. This very showy perennial with 2 - 3 inch lavender to purple blooms will put on a profuse display of color. It reaches 36 inches tall and nearly as wide.

Hollyhock Seeds - Merlin

Hollyhock (Malva Sylvestris Merlin) - What an incredible source of color for the flower garden! Grown from Hollyhock flower seeds, Mystic Merlin, produces a rich tapestry of colors; deep violet, purple, mauve and blue. The blooms are 2 inches across and many are striped with a darker shade.

Hollyhock Seeds - Rosea

Hollyhock (Malva Moschata Rosea) - Also known as Musk Mallow Rose, this flowering perennial is a close cousin to the Hollyhock. Grown from flower seeds, Hollyhock Malva Moschata has a shorter height of 36 inches forming a bushy mound of deep-cut leaves. The bloom season is long, and the blooms are 1 - 2 inches wide, in shades of pink, and have a pleasant musky fragrance.

Hollyhock Seeds - White

Hollyhock (Malva Moschata White) - Enjoy a different look for a colorful Hollyhock plant! Also known as Musk Mallow, this white blooming perennial is grown from Hollyhock seeds, and is a more compact, shrubby plant. It still is a wonderful performer with masses of glistening snow white flowers measuring 2 inches across.

Hollyhock Seeds - Zebrina

Hollyhock (Malva Sylvestris Zebrina) - What a profusion of color in the garden! Grow Hollyhock seeds and enjoy this showy, tall favorite perennial. Zebrina Hollyhock has 2 inch white to lavender flowers with deep purple stripes pointing to a purple center. The flowers are born on tall stalks among deep green glossy foliage. In early summer, the flowers completely cover the plant!