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Statice Seeds - Apricot

Statice (Limonium Sinuatum Apricot Beauty) - Growing Statice seeds can be very rewarding! This annual is a very useful plant both for the color display it brings during summer to the garden and for being an excellent cut flower.

Statice Seeds - Blue

Statice (Limonium Sinuatum Blue River) - Blue Statice is easy-to-grow from Statice seeds, and it is very rewarding with brightly colored, flat flower clusters of deep blue. Limonium Statice blue offers quite a display of color for the middle of the sunny flower border.

Statice Seeds - Purple

Statice (Limonium Sinuatum Purple Attraction) - Commonly known as Statice, this annual features dense sprays of small, papery blooms on stiff stems. The plants establish easily from Statice seeds, and once they are blooming, they put on a lovely show that both the gardener and the butterflies will enjoy.

Statice Seeds - Rose

Statice (Limonium Sinuatum American Beauty) - This rose Limonium Statice is easy to grow in full sun and it is not picky about soil type as long as the soil drains well. Statice plants are superb for the border or bed, and they are indispensable for the cutting garden!

Statice Seeds - Sea Lavender

Statice (Limonium Latifolia Sea Lavender) - This perennial is a great addition to the flower bed or border. It grows easily from Statice seeds, and once established, it is low-maintenance and very rewarding. In late spring, the plant sends up 12 - 24 inch stems that branch out and produce lovely clouds of tiny 1/8 inch violet-blue flowers that resemble baby's breath.

Statice Seeds - White

Statice (Limonium Sinuatum Iceberg) - White Limonium is the perfect flower for cutting, and gardeners love it because it grows so nicely from Statice seeds. Growing Limonium offers many rewards for the gardener and butterflies too! Limonium Statice is found naturally in arid and coastal areas, and it performs well in rock gardens and sunny borders.