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Common Primrose Seeds - Blue

Common Primrose (Primula Acaulis S1 Accord Blue) - Start Primrose seeds indoors to have a supply of lovely, early spring Primrose plants to set out. Primula Acaulis is often referred to as Common Primrose or English Primrose, and it is extremely popular for adding color to late winter and early spring borders in mild climates.

Common Primrose Seeds - Scarlet

Common Primrose (Primula Acaulis S1 Accord Scarlet) - Enjoy starting Primrose seeds for your containers and flower beds! Common Primroses, or also known as English Primroses, are found growing in flower borders, pots and window boxes all across the United States. They are extremely popular for their early spring color.

Common Primrose Seeds - White

Common Primrose (Primula Acaulis S1 Accord White) - Easy-to-grow from Primula Acaulis seeds, Common Primrose plants are a welcome addition to early spring borders! Over the last few decades, breeding programs have improved the attributes of Common Primrose, making them a favorite bedding plant.

Common Primrose Seeds - Yellow

Common Primrose (Primula Acaulis S1 Accord Yellow) - Nothing welcomes spring like a Primrose with its clear, beautiful color! They can easily be grown from Common Primrose seeds, and their performance and color makes them a favorite of many gardeners. This Primula Acaulis variety features small 1 inch blooms of pure yellow.

Fairy Primrose Seeds - Crimson

Fairy Primrose (Primula Malacoides Crimson) -  Grown from flower seeds, this Primula has a common name of Fairy Primrose and is a long-time favorite for bedding and containers. Fairy Primula are miniature floral bouquets of crimson shades are signs of spring.

Fairy Primrose Seeds - Lavender

Fairy Primrose (Primula Malacoides Lavender) -  Add these little gems to your garden, and start them from Fairy Primrose seeds! Primula Malacoides, which is also known as Fairy Primrose, blooms early in the season into lavender flowers which reach approximately 1/2 inch wide, on soft hairy stalks.

Fairy Primrose Seeds - Pink

Fairy Primrose (Primula Malacoides Pink) - Sow Fairy Primrose seeds to produce these sweet little pink flowers for the earliest spring blooms. Dating back to the early 1900s, Primula Malacoides have been a long-time favorite container plant, especially because they can be grown indoors and flower during the late winter and early spring.

Fairy Primrose Seeds - White

Fairy Primrose (Primula Malacoides White) - Who would have thought that these early blooming gems could be easily grown from Fairy Primrose seeds! They are one of the favorite early-blooming flowers that grow in frost-free zones as perennials and colder zones as annuals.

Primrose Seeds - Evening

Evening Primrose (Oenothera Lamarckiana) - Oenothera Evening Primrose gets its name because it opens in the late afternoon and stays opened throughout the evening. It has light yellow blooms that measure over 2 inches across, and they have a rich scent that attracts bees, butterflies and birds.

Primrose Seeds - Dwarf Evening

Dwarf Evening Primrose (Oenothera Missouriensis) - Start Primrose seeds for a truly terrific display in the late spring. The Dwarf Evening Primrose plant is packed with vivid saucer-shaped, golden-yellow flowers that are 4 inches across. You'll want a second look!

Primrose Seeds - Pale Evening

Pale Evening Primrose (Oenothera Pallida) - This wonderful flower has several common names: Pale Evening Primrose, White Buttercup, and White Evening Primrose. This perennial establishes readily from Primrose seeds, and once you have smelled its sweet almond fragrance, you will want this flower in your garden!

Primrose Seeds - Showy Evening

Showy Evening Primrose (Oenothera Speciosa) - What a sight to behold! This perennial is readily started with Showy Evening Primrose seeds, and it will become a favorite! Other common names are Mexican Primrose and Pink Evening Primrose. The silky, soft pink blooms with yellow centers appear all summer long.