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Godetia Seeds - Bottae

Godetia (Godetia Bottae Lilac) - Lilac Godetia is native to Southern California and a few other warm climates. It is also called Farewell-to-Spring. Godetia, easily grown from flower seeds, blooms from late spring into the summer, producing spindly, waxy stems and sparse narrow leaves.

Godetia Seeds - Meteor

Godetia Meteor (Godetia Grandiflora Azaelaflora Meteor) - Godetia Meteor is a stunning tall variety reaching 18 inches tall with distinctively dark crimson double flowers, and it's so easy to grow from Godetia seeds each spring! Also known as Farewell-to-Spring and Satin Flower, Godetia Grandiflora looks like a picture in annual borders, adding height and color.

Godetia Seeds - Monarch

Godetia Monarch (Godetia Grandiflora Azaelaflora Monarch Dwarf Single) - If you have a cutting garden, you will definitely want to add these Godetia seeds to your list of flowers! Godetia Grandiflora are in the Clarkia family, which are wild flowers. Godetia have been cultivated to produce different colored flowers, single or double blooms, and different heights.

Godetia Seeds - Orange

Godetia Orange (Godetia Grandiflora Azaelaflora Orange Glory) - For a stunning color and display in your flower border, start Godetia seed and reap the rewards of this glorious annual. Godetia Grandiflora is also called Clarkia, Farewell to Spring, and Satin Flower. The name Clarkia comes from Captain Clark of the Lewis and Clark expedition.

Godetia Seeds - Rembrandt

Godetia Rembrandt (Godetia Grandiflora Azaelaflora Rembrandt) - Godetia is a never-fail annual that makes a wonderful, colorful display all summer long. Godetia seeds are easy to sow and shortly, this tall Godetia Rembrandt will be gracing your flower garden with its double, cup-shaped blooms.

Godetia Seeds - Sybil

Godetia Sybil (Godetia Grandiflora Azaelaflora Sybil Sherwood) - You will admire this Godetia Sybil Sherwood and so will your neighbors! Grown from Godetia seeds, this variety is 18 inches in height and has soft salmon colored double blooms. It is absolutely stunning!

Godetia Seeds - Tall Mix

Godetia (Godetia Grandiflora Tall Double Mix) - Godetia seeds produce this lovely mix of flowers that are a perfect addition for the flower garden. Godetia, also known as Clarkie, Farewell to Spring, and Satin Flower, is commonly grown across the United States, but it is native to western North America.