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Mexican Petunia Seeds - Blue

Mexican Petunia Blue (Ruellia Brittoniana Southern Star Blue) - The first dwarf Mexican Petunia from seed, the Southern Star series produces clean green foliage without any spots. Seed-grown Mexican Petunia makes this popular heat-loving nursery item more readily available and affordable to produce.

Mexican Petunia Seeds - Mix

Mexican Petunia Mix (Ruellia Brittoniana Southern Star Mix) - Start flower seeds and grow this Dwarf Ruellia as a ground cover that has a long bloom period and attracts many butterflies. Dwarf Mexican Petunias also grow well in containers.

Mexican Petunia Seeds - Pink

Mexican Petunia Pink (Ruellia Brittoniana Southern Star Pink) - The Southern Star series produces clean green foliage and small trumpet-shaped blooms that are attractive to wildlife. The candy pink blooms give a wonderful display.

Mexican Petunia Seeds - White

Mexican Petunia White (Ruellia Brittoniana Southern Star White) - Grow Mexican Petunias as a perennial ground cover with a long bloom period and bring the butterflies and hummingbirds to the garden.