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Saponaria Seeds - Ocymoides

Saponaria (Saponaria Ocymoides Rose-pink) - Also known as Rock Soapwort, this perennial forms a dense carpet of rose-pink blooms. Saponaria ground cover will provide a superior flowering, low-growing, low-maintenance plant, and it is easily grown by sowing Saponaria seeds. Saponaria Ocymoides Soapwort is an ideal selection for hanging over walls or crevices, beds, borders, and gardens.

Saponaria Seeds - Vaccaria Alba

Saponaria (Saponaria Vaccaria Alba) - Saponaria Soapwort flowers are well suited to cutting and are an excellent as a filler in arrangements similar to the way baby's breath is used. White Soapwort liberally re-seeds itself, so the plant will easily come back each season from its own Saponaria seeds.

Saponaria Seeds - Vaccaria Pink

Saponaria (Saponaria Vaccaria Pink Beauty) - This lovely annual is very easy to grow from Saponaria seeds, and it adds a graceful touch to any bed, border, or garden. Pink Saponaria is a wonderful flower that is making a comeback as an easy-to-grow and easy-to-care-for showy annual. Saponaria is also known as Soapwort and has a profusion of small rose-pink blooms.