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Periwinkle Seeds - Bright Eyes

Periwinkle (Vinca Rosea Dwarf Little Bright Eyes) - Vinca Rosea Periwinkle is not shy about flowering during the heat of summer. This little annual can flower continuously for months no matter how hot the temperatures climb. Vinca Little Bright Eyes easily establishes from ground cover seeds, and it is especially useful for the southern or desert climates or hard to maintain hot spots near a concrete wall or driveway.

Periwinkle Seeds - Mix

Periwinkle (Vinca Rosea Dwarf Little Mix) - This fabulous performer for the hot summer garden is grown from Periwinkle seeds. For hot southern, desert climates or a hard to maintain spot near a concrete wall or driveway, Vinca Periwinkle is your ground cover plant! It seems to perform the best when other plants are wilting from the heat.

Periwinkle Seeds - Pink

Periwinkle (Vinca Rosea Dwarf Little Delicata) - What a versatile little gem of a plant that is easily grown from Periwinkle seeds! Vinca Rosea Periwinkle has a lush foliage with shiny leaves plus it flowers heavily with large pink blooms. Pink Periwinkle is ideally suited as a ground cover plant for those hot, humid climates.

Periwinkle Seeds - Rose

Periwinkle (Vinca Rosea Dwarf Little Linda) - Start Periwinkle seeds for a low-growing yet vigorous spreading annual. Vinca Periwinkle is exceptionally low-maintenance! It takes the heat, does well with poor soil, and doesn't even need deadheading to bloom continuously.

Periwinkle Seeds - White

Periwinkle (Vinca Rosea Dwarf Little Blanche) - Vinca Little white is a trouble-free delight in the flower garden. Grown from Periwinkle seeds, it begins blooming in early summer with big, pure white flowers. White Periwinkle flowers continue in full force for months, despite extreme heat, drought and poor soil.