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When you think of herbs, you’re probably thinking of cilantro, thyme, basil, and other common kitchen herbs. While these plants do fall under the category of “herbs,” there are many other herbs out there that have a broader range of functions. At Outsidepride.com, we have an extensive range of herb seeds for sale online. These seeds have a variety of uses and applicability to things like cooking, healing, and fragrance.
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If you’re looking for herb seeds for sale online, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s some more information on herbs you can use in your life (and not just in the kitchen).

Herb Seeds For Cooking
Even though the kitchen isn’t the only place where you can use herbs, it is the most common — and there’s no wonder why. There is nothing quite like cooking with fresh herbs. They give your food an authentic flavor, a delicious aroma, and, in many cases, act as the liaison between two competing flavors, making them melt together into something delectable. Some of the most common cooking herbs are:
— Basil
— Mint
— Rosemary
— Oregano
— Thyme
— Cilantro
We’re sure you can think of more. These herbs have many applications to a vast range of cooking styles and are present in dishes that most of us eat every day. Make your meals taste better, look better, and have an authentic flavor when you grow your own herbs and integrate them into your cooking.
Herb Seeds For Healing
Medicinal gardens are great for people who want to take a more natural approach to healing, though they shouldn’t be considered a viable way to get rid of modern medicine entirely. Many medicinal herbs have applications for treating specific ailments but should be used complementarily with other healing methods. The most common herbs for healing are:
— Aloe Vera
— Peppermint
— Thyme
— Rosemary
— Chamomile
— Pot Marigold
See some crossover between the cooking herbs and the healing herbs? That’s because they have a wide variety of applications. Herbs don’t only have one function, and if you learn how to use them correctly, you will begin to find them slipping into many different parts of your life.
Herb Seeds For Fragrance
Many individuals like to use herbs as a way to bring natural fragrances into their home. While many herbs do smell nice naturally, as they come from the ground, most people do choose to use them as oils, lotions, or potpourri. Some of the best smelling, most popular aromatic herbs are:
— Anise Hyssop
— Basil
— Artemisia
— Lavender
— Lemon Balm
— Mint
— Catmint
Herb Seeds For Sale
As you can see, the herb seeds we have for sale here in our online store can be used for many different purposes — not just for cooking, healing, or fragrance — but, in a lot of cases, for all three. We love seeing all of our seeds blossom into the beautiful plants that they become. We sell thousands of types of seeds including not only herb seeds, but others such as wildflower seeds and clover seeds.
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