Seeds / Cover Crop Seed


Austrian Winter Peas

This legume is very good for cover crops or green manure crops and since Austrian winter peas build tilth they add organic matter and thus humus to the soil.

Buckwheat Cover Crop Seed

Buckwheat is a great cover crop which is often used for green manure.  Buckwheat has a short growing season maturing in 10 - 12 weeks.  It is often killed off by the first heavy frost.

Daikon Radish Seed

A deep rooted forage radish used as a cover crop.  The deep taproot can help break through tough, compacted soil, improve water infilatration, suppress weeds, reduce pests, and stores nitrogen.

Fava Bean Seed

A tried and true bean seed dating back to the 4th century. Fava beans are one of the oldest domesticated food legumes often used as a cover crop seed.

Gardenway Cover Crop Seed

Gardenway is a great cover crop seed for your home garden.  It is a mixture of several different seeds which can establish quickly.  Cover crops help retain the soil, lessen erosion, and add organic tilth to the soil if tilled in.

Hairy Vetch Seeds

A hardy, viny, annual or biennial legume, attaining a height of 24 inches when planted alone and higher when planted with a tall companion crop that provides structural support for climbing. Often used as a cover crop seed.

Purple Top Turnip Seed

Brassica Rapa - An easy to grow, short season brassica species used for forage, deer food plots, and cover crops. This turnip is white and purple that has smooth, globe roots take about 55 days to reach maturity.

Ryegrass - Annual

This new generation annual ryegrass with exceptional plant vigor, forage yielding ability, stress tolerance and disease resistance is quick at germination and used for erosion control and cover crops.

Spring Field Peas

Field peas have a wide variety of uses: cover crops, cereal grain, green chop, sprouting, wildlife mixes and can be used in bird seed mixes as well.