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Erigeron Seeds - Azure Fairy

Erigeron (Erigeron Speciosus Azure Fairy) - Grow this beautiful, yet hardy perennial from Erigeron seeds for your garden! Once it is established, it is carefree. It gives lots of blooms, and it will bring in the butterflies. Large semi-double lavender daisy-like flowers with yellow centers are produced all summer.

Erigeron Seeds - Karvinskianus

Erigeron (Erigeron Karvinskianus Profusion) - Erigeron seeds easily grow a lovely yet hardy perennial. Also known as Santa Barbara Daisy and Mexican Daisy, this is a versatile perennial that performs well in low and high deserts. It produces a profusion of small daisy-like white flowers that turn pink and lilac in color as they age.

Erigeron Seeds - Macranthus

Erigeron (Erigeron Speciosus Macranthus) - Erigeron is easy to grow from flower seeds, and once it is established, it is versatile and hardy. Erigeron Speciosus Macranthus, also known as Aspen Fleabane, grows to approximately 28 inches tall with clear blue flowers and a slightly yellow center. Use Erigeron plants in the front of flower gardens, rock gardens, and containers.

Erigeron Seeds - Pink Jewel

Erigeron (Erigeron Speciosus Pink Jewel) - Grow this lovely Pink Jewel from flower seed! This Erigeron Speciosus Pink Jewel is a must-have for the perennial flower garden. Erigeron, also known as Showy Fleabane Daisy, is a perennial flowering daisy which grows to approximately 28 inches tall with erect, clump-forming, very leafy stems.

Erigeron Seeds - Rocky

Erigeron (Erigeron Compositus Rocky) - These low growing flowering plants grow only 6 inches tall and have small daisy-like flowers that are white with yellow centers.