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Rudbeckia Hirta Seeds - Autumn Forest

Rudbeckia (Rudbeckia Hirta Autumn Forest) - What a show stopper! Easily grow Rudbeckia Hirta seeds to bring a colorful display to your border, containers, or even in mass groupings. Rudbeckia Autumn Forest flowers reach up to five inches across in some phenomenally beautiful autumn shades including yellow and shades of red and mahogany with darker centers.

Rudbeckia Hirta Seeds - Black-eyed Susan

Black-Eyed Susan (Rudbeckia Hirta) - Black-Eyed Susan easily establishes from Rudbeckia Hirta seeds, and it produces clumping, stiff, upright plants that are short-lived. Rudbeckia Black Eyed Susan is native to the eastern United States and is probably the most common of all American wildflowers.

Rudbeckia Hirta Seeds - Gloriosa Daisy

Gloriosa Daisy (Rudbeckia Hirta Sunset) - A superb performer for the perennial flower border, Rudbeckia Gloriosa Daisy, is easily propagated from Rudbeckia Hirta seeds, and it offers a rewarding long bloom season with a glorious display of color! Gloriosa Daisy blooms vary from solid gold, bicolors, and doubles.

Rudbeckia Hirta Seeds - Gloriosa Daisy Indian Summer

Gloriosa Daisy (Rudbeckia Hirta Indian Summer) - Here is another fabulous flower for meadows or naturalized settings! Gloriosa Daisy establishes from Rudbeckia Hirta seeds and can be sown directly outdoors, making this a popular choice for bringing color to larger areas. Indian Summer Gloriosa Daisy features long, golden-yellow petals on chocolate-black centers.

Rudbeckia Hirta Seeds - Green Eyes

Rudbeckia (Rudbeckia Hirta Green Eyes) - Grown from Rudbeckia Hirta seeds, this variety is both attractive and very unique. Rudbeckia Green Eyes features large 4 - 5 inch blooms that are golden-yellow in color with bright olive, green cones. They are heavy blooming and make excellent cut flowers.

Rudbeckia Hirta Seeds - Marmalade

Rudbeckia (Rudbeckia Hirta Marmalade) - Make your summer garden glow with color! Marmalade Rudbeckia has large, daisy-like flowers that are orange-yellow with brown eyes. They are easily propagated by Rudbeckia Hirta seeds, and their lovely color and long-bloom season will bring a brilliant glow to any flower border, container, or they are especially beautiful when planted in mass groupings.