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Brachycome Seeds - Blue

Brachycome (Brachycome Iberidifolia Blue Splendor) - Also known as Swan River Daisy, this sweet little flower establishes easily from flower seed. Brachycome is perfect for containers and hanging baskets as it spills gracefully over the edges.

Brachycome Seeds - Mix

Brachycome (Brachycome Iberidifolia Mix) - Sow Brachycome flower seeds to produce this lovely, versatile plant for the garden. Sometimes called Swan River Daisy, Brachycome Iberidifolia is a fast growing flower that will add dimension to your early spring garden.

Brachycome Seeds - White

Brachycome Iberidifolia (White) - These little annuals are so easy to grow from Brachycome seeds! Brachycome Swan River Daisy makes interesting edging plants and are also attractive in pots and window boxes. Brachycome Iberidifolia flowers are 1 inch wide, white, daisy-like flowers.