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Cypress Vine Seeds - Mix

Cypress Vine Mix (Ipomoea Pennata Mix) - A favorite of gardeners, this annual is related to Morning Glories. It grows as easily from Cypress Vine flower seed and as quickly as Morning Glories, but it also offers some additional features. Cypress Vines have a wonderful, feathery foliage that adds interest and texture.

Cypress Vine Seeds - Red

Cypress Vine Red (Ipomoea Pennata Red) -Start Cypress Vine flower seeds to create a beautiful climbing vine that makes the perfect concealing screen. Cypress Vines are easy and fast to grow, and they cheer up an unsightly building or climb a trellis or pergola quickly to provide a dazzling display.

Cypress Vine Seeds - Rose

Cypress Vine Rose (Ipomoea Pennata Rose) - Hummingbirds cannot resist Cypress Vines! The star-shaped rose colored blooms are rich in nectar, and hummingbirds love them. To bring hummingbirds to your garden, start Cypress Vine flower seeds and grow this twining vine that grows easily and quickly.

Cypress Vine Seeds - White

Cypress Vine White (Ipomoea Pennata White) - This graceful twining vine makes a wonderful addition to any summer landscape setting. Easy-to-grow from Cypress Vine seeds, this vine features feathery, fern-like bright green leaves that add beauty and texture. In addition to the lovely thick foliage are masses of trumpet-shaped white blooms.