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Cleome Seeds - Rose

Cleome (Cleome Hassleriana Rose Queen) - Also known as Spider Flower or Grandfather's Whiskers plant, Cleome flower seeds produce airy blooms and a bushy, full plant. This compact Cleome Spider Flower gives you armloads of blooms over a very long season on plants that don't exceed 4 feet tall.

Cleome Seeds - Serrulata

Cleome (Cleome Serrulata Rocky Mountain Beeplant) - This native grows quickly from flower seeds, blooms heavily, and then dies off with the first heavy frost. The good news is Cleome plants are good self-seeders.

Cleome Seeds - Violet

Cleome (Cleome Hassleriana Violet Queen) - This annual will get your neighbors' attention! Start Cleome seeds to grow this incredibly heat tolerant, showy, flowering plant that has a wonderfully long bloom season. It is commonly known as Spider Plant or Grandfather's Whiskers Plant.

Cleome Seeds - White

Cleome (Cleome Hassleriana White Queen) - Start some Cleome seeds if you are looking for a way to light up your garden in the evening. Cleome White Queen is brilliant and nearly glows at night! This annual comes in many colors, all of which are available from flower seeds; however, the white variety has the ability to help light up the garden at night with minimal exterior light.