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Mexican Feather Grass Seeds

Mexican Feather Grass (Stipa tenuissima) - Grown from Mexican Feather Grass seeds, this beautiful mounded ornamental grass with needle-like flexible leaves forms dense, bright green clumps. The flowers are silky awns that appear in June and change from green to gold as they mature.

Stipa Seeds - Barbata

Stipa (Stipa Barbata) - This ornamental grass is also called, "Silver Feather Grass." Many gardeners consider it to be one of the most attractive and graceful of all perennial ornamental grasses.

Stipa Seeds - Pheasant Tails

Stipa (Stipa arundinacea Pheasant Tails) - Ornamental grasses add great texture and interest in the mixed border, and this Pheasant's Tail grass is no exception. Grown from Stipa seeds, this clumping evergreen has narrow blades that arch gracefully and are streaked with coppery orange.

Stipa Seeds - Sirocco

Stipa (Stipa arundinacea Sirocco) - There is nothing nicer in the landscape than the texture, sound and movement that ornamental grasses offer. Stipa seeds produce grasses with delightful colors that add texture and interest to landscapes, garden beds, mixed containers and hanging baskets.