Alstroemeria Peruvian Lily Flower Seeds

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Planting Peruvian Lily Seed
Peruvian Lily seeds needs to have a cold treatment in order to break germination. It is recommended to place the seeds in dampened peat moss, seal in a ziploc bag and place the seeds in the refrigerator for 3 weeks. After the cold treatment, grow Peruvian Lily seed in 3 inch pots, 3 - 4 seeds in each pot and lightly cover them with soil. Place pots in 70F for germination. To directly sow Alstroemeria seeds outdoors in prepared soil, do so in winter so that the cold treatment will naturally occur, and in the spring as temperatures warm, the flower seed will sprout. Once established, Peruvian Lilies have tubers which can spread rapidly and are about a foot underground, so the plant easily spreads and grows. In northern climates Alstroemeria plants will need to have a heavy mulch in the winter to keep the plant from freezing.