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Lupine Seeds - Chandelier

Lupine (Lupinus Polyphyllus Chandelier) - Attract bees, butterflies and birds to your garden by sowing Lupine seeds. The Lupine Chandelier is a stately yellow that commands attention, and it loves to bloom! The flowers are sweet pea shaped and form on tall spikes that bloom in late spring and early summer.

Lupine Seeds - My Castle

Lupine (Lupinus Polyphyllus My Castle) - What an eye-catching display for your garden! Start Lupine seeds to produce these brilliant, scarlet red flowers. The flowers are sweet-pea like and form on tall spikes. The scarlet is especially complemented by the attractive medium green foliage and the large, multi-fingered leaflets.

Lupine Seeds - Noble Maiden

Lupine (Lupinus Polyphyllus Noble Maiden) - Bring the butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden with these tall, stately white flowers. These perennials can be established from Lupine seeds, and they are particularly suited for a cottage garden setting. Noble Maiden Lupine is a perennial with medium green leaves, large and palmate, with lance-shaped leaflets.

Lupine Seeds - Perennial Wildflower

Lupine (Lupinus Perennis) - Bring beauty and interest to a natural setting by sowing Lupine wild flower seeds. These flowers stand up in clusters of spikes with sweet pea-shaped blooms. These well-known perennials are legumes and can add nitrogen to the soil.

Lupine Seeds - Russells Wildflower Seed

Lupine (Lupinus Polyphyllus Russell Mix) - For a reliable, colorful performance, start Lupine seeds and enjoy! For years, gardeners have been growing these perennials for a great source of vibrant late-spring to early summer color. The plants are vigorous with a spread of 12 - 16 inches wide, creating a bushy mat of bright green foliage beneath the bloom spikes.

Lupine Seeds - The Governor

Lupine (Lupinus Polyphyllus The Governor) - This unique Governor Blue Lupine features a very appealing color combination. It is bi-color with intense blue and pure white. It establishes easily from Lupine seeds, and it will create a lovely drama for the perennial garden from late spring to early summer.

Planting Lupine Seed
Before sowing Lupine seeds, soak seed in warm water for 24 hours. The soaking will aid in germination. Lupine seeds can be sown outdoors after danger of frost. In prepared soil, sow 3 - 4 seeds together, spacing them 18 - 24 inches apart. Cover lightly and keep seed moist. Thin to strongest plant when they reach 2 inches. For the first season, water Lupines well after planting and maintain 1 inch of water, once per week. Following this water routine the first year will ensure deep root establishment. The following years, as the Lupine plant matures, they will acclimate and use what water is provided by the environment and should only need irrigation during periods of prolonged heat and drought.