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Mustard Seeds - Black

Black Mustard (Brassica Nigra) - This annual culinary herb is well-known as the old-fashioned mustard that gave the condiment its start. Quickly grown from Mustard seeds, the Mustard plant produces herb seeds which are ground and used to spice many different foods. The mustard seeds are small, hard and vary in color from dark brown to black.

Mustard Seeds - White

White Mustard (Sinapis Alba Nemagon) - This variety of white mustard is used for cover crops with outstanding nematode suppression. It hinders the life cycle of nematode larvae and acts as a natural biofumigant when turned in to the soil just before flowering.

Mustard Seeds - Yellow

Yellow Mustard (Sinapis Alba) - The use of the Mustard herb plant dates back 5000 years! It has been widely used as a culinary herb and as a medicinal herb. The herb grow quickly and easily from Mustard seeds, and Chinese herbalists used the yellow Mustard herb to treat lung conditions like asthma and bronchitis as well as relieve the symptoms of arthritis.