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Helipterum Seeds - Mix

Paper Daisy Mix (Helipterum Roseum Mix) - Starting Helipterum seeds is an easy and rewarding way to grow this lovely annual. The Helopterum seed mix will produce blooms with yellow centers and papery petals in shades of white and rose. Helipterum flowers are excellent for cutting and drying.

Helipterum Seeds - Rose

Paper Daisy Rose (Helipterum Roseum Rose) - Grow this lovely Paper Daisy plant from Helipterum seeds and enjoy perfect flowers for cutting and drying. Helipterum is also called Everlasting Daisy because when dried, the flower keeps its lovely color indefinitely. Paper Daisy plants are an annual, so they grow quickly, bloom heavily and die back with the first frost.

Helipterum Seeds - White

Paper Daisy White (Helipterum Roseum White) - Beautiful growing in the summer flower border, this annual is a heavy bloomer and is easily grown form Helipterum seed. The common name of Paper Daisy describes the texture of the white flower petals. Another common name, Everlasting Daisy, is given because Helipterum flowers dry and preserve exceptionally well, keeping their color indefinitely.