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Gentian Seeds - Acaulis

Stemless Gentian (Gentiana Acaulis) - Start Gentian seeds for this lovely perennial herb. Known as Stemless Gentian, Trumpet Gentian or Blauer Enzian, this herb plant typically is found growing in acidic soils. A second botanical name is Gentiana kochiana.

Gentian Seeds - Blue Herald

Blue Herald Gentian (Gentiana Paradoxa Hybrida Blue Herald) - Grown from Gentian seeds, this hardy perennial has beautiful blue blooms. This Gentiana Blue Herald plant forms a clump of upright stems with narrow leaves. Bright blue trumpet-shaped flowers grow at the tips of the stems.

Gentian Seeds - Nikita

Blue Gentian (Gentiana Dahurica Nikita) - Gentian seeds produce a medicinal herb that is used in Chinese medicine for stomach conditions. The Gentian root is harvested in the late summer and is used to make a tonic called Xiao Qin Jiao. This herb plant is commonly called Blue Gentian, Common Gentian or Dahurian Gentian.

Gentian Seeds - Spotted

Spotted Gentian (Gentiana Punctata) - Grown from Gentian seeds, this unique herb is known for its bitter root. The herb has a long medicinal use in the treatment of digestive disorders. The clumping perennial has yellow flowers that are freckled and veined and without stalks.