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Castor Bean Seeds - Bright Pink

Castor Bean (Ricinus Communis Carmencita Bright Pink) - Add an exotic touch to your landscape and grow Castor Bean seeds. This amazing species grows as an annual in most climates, but it grows quickly and creates a large, lush foliage plant in no time.

Castor Bean Seeds - Bright Red

Castor Bean (Ricinus Communis Carmencita Bright Red) - Start Castor Bean seeds and grow this incredible, fast-growing shrub-like plant. If you need shade from intense summer sun, these plants are great for creating temporary shade.

Castor Bean Seeds - Gibsonii

Castor Bean (Ricinus Communis Gibsonii) - Starting Castor Bean seeds is an easy and fast way to grow this incredibly beautiful annual. The Castor Oil plant is a very useful tropical foliage plant. It is grown from seed annually, easily reaching 5 feet plus in one season.

Castor Bean Seeds - Impala

Castor Bean (Ricinus Communis Impala) - To add this unique tropical annual to your landscape, start Castor Bean seeds and be amazed at how fast this plant grows! Impala is tall and dramatic with huge copper-red leaves and clusters of creamy yellow blooms, followed by maroon pods.

Castor Bean Seeds - Zanzibariensis

Castor Bean (Ricinus Communis Zanzibariensis) - Here is another incredible tropical annual that can be grown from Castor Bean seeds to give a dramatic display in the landscape. The Zanzibar plant achieves massive sizes in a single growing season, but it is not tolerant of frost, so in most areas it is grown as an annual.